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Booth #116 Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
The Advanced Photon Source is one of the world's foremost resources for high-resolution x-ray crystallography. APS beamlines provide radiation in the energy ranges and flux densities needed for cutting-edge research in many disciplines, including structural biology, nanotechnology and materials science. The full capabilities of the APS are available to the general scientific community through a centralized proposal process. Representatives from the User Office and various beamlines will be available for discussions.
Booth #324  Anachem Instruments Ltd.
Anachem Instruments is proud to exhibit for the first time in the USA, the Flexus Crystal IMP. The Flexus Crystal IMP uses proven technology to perform lipidic cubic phase, membrane protein crystallography. Designed specifically for speed, precision and careful handling, the Flexus Crystal IMP embraces a technique that is otherwise difficult and laborious to perform manually. Installed in high profile laboratories around the world, the Flexus Crystal IMP overcomes the difficulties of delivering nanolitre volumes of highly viscous cubic phase. Now, plates can be prepared automatically in under seven minutes with excellent reproducibility using minimal amounts of protein.
Booth #326  Anton Paar
Founded in 1922, Anton Paar has 1000 employees worldwide, providing a dense customer support network. The company is market leader for non-ambient attachments for X-ray diffraction and a major supplier of small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) equipment. Anton Paar offers the most comprehensive range of sample stages for non-ambient XRD for almost all types of diffractometers, covering the temperature range from -190 to 2300 °C and various atmospheric conditions. The SAXSess instrument is the most versatile small-and-wide-angle X-ray scattering set-up on the market, featuring transmission and reflection geometry, line and point-collimation mode, automated sample handling and software packages for routine data analysis.
Booth #317, 319  Area Detector Systems Corporation (ADSC)
Area Detector Systems Corporation (ADSC) founded in 1983 by Scientists serving the Synchrotron community, has designed, developed, and manufactured to-date a total of 84 advanced CCD Detector Systems for protein crystallography applications and installed them worldwide. These CCD Systems have set a high quality performance standard with several systems continually operating for over ten years without flaw. This same standard is now being applied to the next generation of Pixel Array Detector Systems (PAD) as the company has developed and is now manufacturing these advanced technology systems for various applications. Come to our exhibit (booth 317) and see this latest available X-ray Detector Technology.
Booth #410, 412 Art Robbins Instruments
New at the ARI booth will be a 24 syringe dispensing head for both the gryphon and phoenix crystallization assay instruments. The 24 syringe dispensing head can be used for setting up 24 well optimization plates, and is the perfect complement to our 96 syringe head traditionally used for setting up screening assays. Also, view the complete line of ARI Intelli-Plates: 96 -2 well, 96-3 well, 24-4 well, as well as, low volume reservoir and low profile versions.
Booth #318  Blake Industries, Inc.
Blake Industries is the leader in supplying high precision x-ray and neutron instrumentation to research laboratories, universities and synchrotron beam lines worldwide. We are the exclusive distributors for Huber instruments in the United States, Mexico and Canada with multiple installations at all the North American Synchrotrons and have been supplying x-ray users for over 40 years.
Booth #225


The Brandel Plate Sealers offer a pressure-based solution for applying a uniform adhesive seal for most any SBS Standard plate configuration, height or composition. We offer three types of sealers: The Semi-Automated System with Programmable Controller (CS-2000) and the Fully-Automated System with RS-232 Interface (RS-3000). Bought sealers can be used with a variety of sealing tapes, including transparent, translucent, foils, and gas permeable. A variety of sealing tapes are suitable for use with many chemicals, including DMSO for some tapes. These tapes are compatible with cells and are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -70°C up to 110°C. Multiple seals can be applied to the same plate.

Booth #421

Bruker AXS
Provider of advanced X-ray solutions in life sciences, chemical and materials science. Our biological systems include The Microstar MX rotating anode generators and the most sensitive X8 Proteum CCD systems. Crystal Farms image crystal growth plates. The X8 Prospector features a low maintenance, high brilliance source for protein screening and absolute structures. The industry-leading APEX II small molecule CCD systems offer highest sensitivity for micro crystals and weak diffractors, with powerful AutoStructure software. The APEX II Quazar and Ultra feature the brightest Mo sources and optics for cutting edge research in charge density and other studies.

Booth #112  Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) provides invaluable structural knowledge to the scientific community, both for chemical research and education, crystallography, rational drug design and pharmaceutical development. A registered charity and not-for-profit organisation, CCDC curates the ever growing database of small molecule experimental crystal structures, the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). With over 45 years of scientific expertise, the CCDC has a strong track record in basic research through more than 700 peer-reviewed publications.
Booth #120  Canadian Light Source Inc.
Canadian Light Source: Protein crystallography is one of the fastest growing fields in synchrotron research, helping solve protein structures more accurately, faster and using smaller crystals. The Canadian Light Source, a national laboratory for synchrotron research and one of the most powerful facilities of its kind in the world, is an invaluable resource for protein crystallography research, leading us closer to finding cures for major diseases such as coronary disease, cancer, diabetes, and viral infections. With innovative commercial research access, clear IP regulations, and scientists dedicated to promoting industry involvement, the CLS is a valuable tool for commercial research.
Booth #110  CCP4
The Collaborative Computational Project No. 4 (CCP4) provides a software suite for macromolecular structure determination by X-ray crystallography used by academic institutions and commercial organizations around the world. Income from the project supports maintenance, distribution and development of the software, and funds additional activities including sponsorship of educational workshops, annual Study Weekend, hosting e-mail discussion lists, and producing a bi-annual newsletter. CCP4 staff will be available to discuss any aspect of the project, including the latest release (6.1.2), the COOT and CCP4 molecular graphics programs, the graphical user interface (CCP4i), and the data processing package MOSFLM and iMOSFLM
Booth #422  Centeo Biosciences Ltd
Temperature Control in the Palm of Your Hand - Centeo Biosciences introduces the TG200 System, a multi-system hotel which holds up to five (5) TG40 systems. Using the TG200 System enables multiple temperature-controlled crystallization experiments to be run simultaneously. The heart of the TG200 System is the TG40 System, a hand held portable temperature control system for protein and small molecule crystallization. The TG40 System provides accurate temperature control and screening of 5 different temperatures from 4°C to 60°C, portability and enhanced reproducibility throughout the entire experimental procedure. During normal operation the TG40 microplate sits in a docking station. The TG40 microplate is removed from the docking station for imaging and liquid handling operations. It is compatible with most automated liquid dispensing systems and microscopes.
Booth #124 Cornell University
Booth #416 Cryo Industires of America Inc.
CRYOCOOLS- Crystallography Cryogenic Stream Coolers: liquid nitrogen, cryogen free and helium 4K (-268°C). Cryocools' innovative, unparalleled design features include: single flow, modular design for reliability, no icing inside or out, laminar variable flow from 0 to 19 l/min. Our liquid helium based system provides the lowest temperature in the world equal down to 4.5K at the crystal using liquid helium and 11K cryogen free. Lab-sized liquid nitrogen or liquid helium generators (liquefiers) are also available. Since 1984 CRYO has offered cryogenic systems that employ cutting edge technology. With over 5000 cryogenic systems installed worldwide Cryo has become a leading manufacturer.
Booth #515, 517 Dectris Ltd.
Dectris: x-ray beam position monitor; Mythen 1k detector system; Pilatus 100k detector system; Pilatus 300k-w detector system; Pilatus 1m detector system; Pilatus 6m detector system.
Booth #122  Diamond Light Source
Diamond Light Source is the UK synchrotron. A third generation facility open to users since 2007, we have significant crystallography capability. We have five MX beamlines (3 MAD, 1 high throughput and 1 tuneable microfocus), high resolution powder diffraction, small molecule crystallography, diffraction at extreme conditions and high resolution single crystal diffraction for the study of magnetism. The MX, powder and small molecule beamlines are all equipped with robotic sample changers to increase throughput. All of these beamlines can be used through both proprietary and non-proprietary use with some having remote access and mail-in services available.
Booth #511  Douglas Instruments Ltd
Douglas Instruments designs and manufactures the Oryx range of robots for automatic protein crystallization. These are very versatile, with routines for microseeding ("MMS" experiments), additive experiments, and grids where protein is varied against e.g. an additive. All systems can dispense sitting drops from 100 + 100nl to 2 + 2µl. The large volumes are essential for automating optimization. Oryx8 also offers comprehensive optimization with up to 7-dimensional experiments. Systems are much cheaper than many other robots, starting with the OryxNano at $39,200 before discounts. See for theory and case studies of microseeding.
Booth #222

Emerald Biosystems
Emerald BioSystems is proud to feature the new MPCS Plug Maker. The Plug Maker uses revolutonary microfluidic crystallization technology to generates Diffraction-Ready protein crystals from nanoliter volumes of protein, and is the winner of the 2010 Lab Automation New Product Award.

Booth #323, 325 Formulatrix
Second Order Non-linear Imaging of Chiral Crystals (SONICC) is an exciting new protein detection tool that uses pulsed lasers to exploit the intrinsic frequency-doubling property found in protein crystals to produce high-contrast images. Our upgraded UV imaging systems can distinguish between protein and salt crystals with short exposure times and now with improved image quality. Rock Maker 2.0 is a powerful, yet easy to use software solution that automates the entire protein crystallization process. Formulator is a next-generation liquid handler that uses patent-pending microfluidic technology to dispense reagents up to ten times faster than traditional liquid handlers.
Booth #313 Incoatec GmbH
Incoatec develops and manufactures multilayer and total reflection X-ray optics for in-house crystallography and synchrotron applications. We will be presenting our 2-dim focusing and collimating multilayer optics for crystallography and our latest product IµS. IµS stands for Incoatec Microfocus Source, and contains an air-cooled 30 W microfocus sealed tube with high brilliance. It has a performance beyond traditional 5.4kW rotating anode sources, with the ease of handling of sealed tube systems. New in 2010 are: 1) deposition technique for 1.5m long synchrotron mirrors, 2) the MX type of multilayer optics for small crystals and 3) IµS with Ag radiation.
Booth #114  International Union of Crystallography
IUCr Journal authors already benefit from high impact factors, long citation half-lives and free colour. See how to enhance your publishing experience with a demonstration of the IUCr's expanding range of innovative online services: publBio for preparing the text, experimental data tables and figures for a structural biology or crystallization article; publCIF for editing and previewing a CIF for publication; and an interactive figure toolkit for creating enhanced structural illustrations. And take this opportunity to create or update your entry in the World Directory of Crystallographers; members are entitled to a discount on crystallography titles from a number of publishers.
Booth #223

JAN Scientific, Inc.

JANSi UVEX is a very sensitive transmission/UV fluorescence stand-alone imaging station. In UV fluorescence images, protein crystals, protein microcrystals and crystal-like protein objects stand out from non-protein crystals and background protein precipitate. The system is modular and can be easily configured as a manual or an automated inspection station. An optional UV absorbance module allows the detection of nucleic acid crystals and protein crystals whose fluorescence is quenched. JANSi UVEX is compact, lightweight and is easy to operate.

Booth #118  LS-CAT/Northwestern University
The Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team (LS-CAT) provides macromolecular cystallography resources for those with a need to determine the three dimensional structure of proteins. LS-CAT provides access to state of the art x-ray diffraction facilities at Argonne National Laboratory's Advanced Photon Source where we have two variable wavelength beamlines and two fixed wavelength beamlines. LS-CAT has Rayonix CCD detectors for high quality data acquisition and Irelec CATS robotic sample changers to help you make the most of your scheduled beamtime. We are currently bringing SAXS/WAXS capabilities online and we will soon be home to a cryo-nano-probe device.
Booth #519 Micro Photonics Inc
Micro Photonics provides a range of components and systems for X-ray diffraction from the leading companies in the world. Whether you need components for an upgrade or a whole new system for research or quality control, contact us to find out about the latest in X-ray diffraction technology. STOE, Xenocs, Hecus, Photonic Science, and Skyscan.
Booth #424  Microlytic
Microlytic is a provider of products for the structural biology marketplace. Our mission is to provide a portfolio of innovative products that simplify the workflow, increase productivity and offer an attractive economic value proposition to our customers. Microlytic develops innovative technology to help solve the major problems in structural biology. We develop microfluidic chips to let users grow crystals large enough to be used immediately for X-ray diffraction, plus give users direct access to the crystals themselves. The Crystal Former system represents the first microfluidic platform to allow users to go from crystallization screen to structure in one chip.
Booth #418  Mitegen, LLC
Designs, manufactures and distributes innovative products for microsample manipulation, crystallization and crystallography. These include MicroMount and MicroMesh crystal holders for small molecule and protein crystallography, the MicroRT system for room temperature crystallography and dehydration, and MicroTools for common sample manipulations and measurements. Mitegen also distributes Jena Bioscience products for protein screening, crystallization, optimization and phasing. Jena offers several unique screens including screens for specific protein classes such as kinases and phosphatases. Screens are determined by data mining and validation, and conditions are ordered by chemical similarity to allow rapid optimization. Jena's Ta cluster derivitization kit is one of the most powerful and convenient tools for phasing.
Booth #505, 507 Molecular Dimensions Inc
Molecular Dimensions is dedicated to supplying products for biomolecular structure research. We specialize in supplies for protein crystal growth, such as screening kits, plates, coverslides and robotics. Our aim is to provide the materials and products needed for biomolecular structure quickly and efficiently.
Booth #322  NatX-ray / Irelec
NatX-ray and IRELEC provide robotized solutions for crystallography: CATS (Cryogenic Automated Transfer System) sample changer, already operated on many synchrotron beamlines (Europe and USA); G-Rob system, a fully integrated and automated diffraction system, based on a 6-axis robot, with goniometer capability. IRELEC - scientific and industrial equipment engineering company - also provides optical components for beamlines (KB systems, mirror-holders, ...). NatX-ray also provides consumables for protein crystallography such as advanced crystallization plates (the Greiner BioOne CrystalQuick X, optimized for UV and X-ray screening) and lanthanide complexes for anomalous phasing.
Booth #117 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to two of the world's most advanced neutron scattering facilities, the Spallation Neutron Source and the High Flux Isotope Reactor. These user facilities serve scientists from universities, industry, and other government laboratories and provide them with unmatched capabilities for understanding the structure and properties of materials, and macromolecular and biological systems. Support is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Basic Energy Sciences.
Booth #227 Omscientia, Inc.
Omscientia brings global technology to your lab. Omscientia is proud to announce the release of the new Omscientia Memb-PASS Screening Method for Membrane Protein Crystallography. Originally developed by the University of Virginia, and available exclusively from Omscientia, the patent-pending Memb-PASS line helps you significantly reduce the amount of protein, reagents and time spent on the crystallization of Membrane Proteins. The addition of the new Memb-PASS product line complements our current product offering from our global partners in Macromolecular Crystallography, Fragment Screening, Structural Genomics and PCR. The Omscientia global partners include MiTeGen, Jena Bioscience, Zenobia Therapeutics, Swissci AG and more. Please visit us at booth #227 during the ACA in Chicago for more information and to enter our eNewsletter contes.
Booth #311 Oxford Cryosystems Inc.
Oxford Cryosystems, the proud manufacturer of the Cryostream for more than 20 years, the world's favorite low temperature device for X-ray crystallography, now offers a product range that covers your X-ray sample cooling needs from single crystal to powder diffraction. This year we are pleased to be featuring our new Desktop Cooler (DTC). The DTC and a dry air source are all that are required to deliver a cold gas tream with a temperature range of 170 Kelvin to room temperature. Please be sure to stop by booth # 311 and have a look.
Booth #111 Oxford Diffraction
Oxford Diffraction, now a part of Varian, Inc., manufacture and supply award winning XRD systems which provide superior data quality for both protein and small molecule studies. The new SuperNova utilises the fastest, most sensitive CCDs and the most intense X-ray sources in an entirely micro-source based dual wavelength system. The PX Scanner is a unique system which combines an optical and X-ray imager and provides in situ X-ray screening of protein crystals in the multi-well crystallisation plate; both of these systems will be exhibited alongside the Gemini Ultra system at booth # 111.
Booth #211  Rayonix
Rayonix, L.L.C. (formerly Mar USA) has a long history of developing state-of-the-art area detectors for X-ray diffraction applications. The current products of Rayonix include a single-chip CCD detector - the SX165 with a new ultra-stable background option and the frameshift option to facilitate time resolved experiments. Furthermore, various sizes and configurations of multi-chip mosaic CCD detectors - the MX225, MX300, and MX325, and a new HE series of High Efficiency mosaic CCD detectors are available. Rayonix also distributes, in North America, the mar345 (image plate detector), mardtb (goniostat) and marcsc (cryogenic sample changer), products of Marresearch GmbH. Rayonix has the flexibility to design detectors for various applications. The high efficiency MX225-HE, the first mosaic detector to be built with thinned back-illuminated CCD chips, is especially suited to SAXS and micro-diffraction applications. Visit our booth where you can talk to our scientists and engineers - not to salespeople - about your specific application.
Booth #108 RCSB Protein Data Bank &
The RCSB PDB ( and the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase ( are resources for researchers and students studying the biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function, and disease. RCSB PDB provides access to experimentally-determined proteins and nucleic acids structures, and the PSI SGKB is a portal to structures, models, methods and more.
Booth #409  Rigaku Americas
Rigaku, the world's leading resource for analytical X-ray instrumentation, components, software and contract services, offers fully integrated crystallography solutions, including microfocus generators; imaging plate and CCD detectors; integrated X-ray optics; and cryo-cooling and humidity control devices. Our benchtop instruments bring affordable, high-performance X-ray fluorescence, diffraction and small molecule crystallography to teaching labs, academia and industry. Our crystal inspection, storage and analysis products integrate every aspect of protein crystallization into an automated and seamless package. Rigaku continuously promotes partnerships, dialog, and innovation within the global scientific and industrial community. Visit booth #409 to see how Rigaku can make your valuable research time more productive.
Booth #127
Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT)
SER-CAT, a consortium consisting of 26 member institutions, began in 1997 to provide third generation x-ray capabilities to macromolecular crystallographers and structural biologists in the southeastern United States. The SER-CAT consortium operates an ID and BM beamline, with automated and mail-in capabilities for remote access, and is located at Sector 22 of the Advanced Photon Source of the Argonne National Laboratory. In 2007 SER-CAT maintained the highest publication record at the APS with a total of 147 publications, and its members posted 212 entries into the PDB. General Users are currently being accepted at SER-CAT by application through the APS.
Booth #119

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)

The SSRL Structural Molecular Biology program has three primary areas of research, development and scientific focus: macromolecular crystallography, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, and small angle x-ray scattering/diffraction. Advanced detectors, instrumentation and computing tools at the beamlines coupled with the brightness of SSRL's storage ring are used to investigate various forms of matter aimed at solving problems in biology and medicine.

Booth #517 STOE & CIE GmbH
STOE & Cie GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany is a manufacturer of equipment and highly efficient control and evaluation software for crystallographers for more than 120 years. Our recent products are the new STOE STADI VARI PILATUS single crystal diffractometer and the STADI MP with the Dectris MYTHEN 1K detector for powder work.
Booth #220

TA Instruments

More worldwide customers choose TA Instruments as their preferred microcalorimetry supplier. Our innovative microcalorimeter product line includes the Nano ITC Standard & Low Volume, the Nano DSC with automation, TAM III and Multi Cell DSC. TA Instruments is uniquely qualified to meet customer needs for ultrasensitive microcalorimetry analysis of proteins, and provide high technology microcalorimeters, combined with our excellent training and customer support. 

Booth #219

Thermo Scientific Nanodrop

Thermo Scientific NanoDrop products are specifically designed for 1 µl samples, employing a patented retention system that eliminates the need for dilutions of sample. Using this novel system, the Thermo Scientific NanoDropTM 2000 and 2000c spectrophotometers and the NanoDrop 8000 spectrophotometer enable full UV-Vis absorbance analysis while the NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer provides fluorescence spectra analysis. 

Booth #216, 218 TTP LabTech Ltd.
TTP LabTech offer the world's leading crystallisation drop setting instruments, mosquito® and the new mosquito LCP. Both instruments use positive displacement mosquito pipette tips and can aspirate, dispense and mix nanolitre drops extremely accurately and repeatably. mosquito LCP has been designed to enable automated in-meso set-ups. The instrument incorporates a separate positive displacement syringe for accurate, repeatable dispensing of LCP and a standard mosquito pipetting head for buffer additions.
Booth #320
West Bond, Inc
Westbond: Model 7100C: A Micropositioner Machine for extracting individual micron-size protein crystals from a liquid solution in which the crystals are grown, and positioning the crystal for cryofreezing and storing for subsequent crystallographic analysis.
Booth #521 XENOCS SA
Xenocs supplies advanced X-ray optics and X-ray beam delivery systems. Distributed in the USA by Micro Photonics, our products are suited for single crystal diffraction, SAXS/WAXS and XRD applications. GeniX is a high brilliance X-ray beam delivery platform using a low power, micro-focus source coupled with our high efficiency single reflection multilayer optics (FOX 3D). GeniX delivers significant performance gain over traditional sealed tubes with unprecedented stability, making it the high performance cost-effective alternative to rotating anode generators for protein crystallography and SAXS applications.


2010 Exhibitors

Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
Anachem Instruments Ltd.
Anton Paar
Area Detector Systems Corporation (ADSC)
Art Robbins Instruments
Blake Industries, Inc.
Bruker AXS
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Canadian Light Source Inc.
Centeo Biosciences Ltd
Cornell University
Cryo Industires of America Inc.
Dectris Ltd.
Diamond Light Source
Douglas Instruments Ltd
Emerald BioSystems
Incoatec GmbH
International Union of Crystallography
JAN Scientific, Inc.
LS-CAT/Northwestern University
Micro Photonics Inc
Mitegen, LLC
Molecular Dimensions Inc
NatX-ray / Irelec
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Omscientia, Inc.
Oxford Cryosystems Inc.
Oxford Diffraction
RCSB Protein Data Bank
Rigaku Americas
Southeast Regional Collaborative Access Team (SER-CAT)
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL)
STOE & Cie GmbH
TA Instruments
Thermo Scientific Nanodrop
TTP LabTech Ltd.
West Bond, Inc