Contacts for the 2011 Meeting 

For questions regarding registration, workshops, events, abstracts, exhibits, travel grants, hotel, and scheduling please contact the ACA Office.


Program Chair

Chris Cahill
The George Washington Univ.
(202) 994-6959

[email protected]

Local Chair

Cheryl Stevens
Xavier Univ. of Louisiana
(504) 520-7377
[email protected]


Local Chair

Ed Stevens

Dept of Chemistry

Univ of New Orleans

New Orleans LA 70148

[email protected]

Poster Chair

Ilia Guzei

2124 Chemistry Dept

Univ. of Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53706

608 263 4694

[email protected]



American Crystallographic Association

PO Box 96 Ellicott Sta

Buffalo, NY 14205-0096

p (716) 898-8693

f (716) 898-8695

[email protected]

Session Chairs:

Paul Adams ([email protected])

Gregory Beaucage ([email protected])

Christine Beavers ([email protected])

Jason Benedict ([email protected])

Svilen Bobev ([email protected])

Dominika Borek ([email protected])

Craig Bridges ([email protected])

Marco Cammarata ([email protected])

Branton Campbell ( [email protected]

Bryan Chakoumakis ([email protected])

Karena Chapman ([email protected])

Yu-Shang Chen ([email protected])

Nickolay Chirgadze ([email protected])

Ed Collins ([email protected])

Jamaine Davis ([email protected])

Clarina DeLaCruz ([email protected])

Larry Falvello ([email protected])

Masafumi Fukuto ([email protected])

Yan Gao ([email protected])

Steve Ginell([email protected])

Tim Graber ([email protected])

Ilia Guzei ([email protected])

Chris Hill [email protected])

Travis Holman ([email protected])

Ashfia Huq ([email protected])

Christopher Incarvito ([email protected])

Zhang Jiang ([email protected]

Katherine Kantardjiff ([email protected])

Peter Lee ([email protected]

Len MacGillavry ([email protected])

Lee Makowski ([email protected])

Wladek Minor ([email protected])

Peter Mueller ([email protected])

Michael Murphy ([email protected])

Dean Myles [email protected])

Allen Oliver ([email protected])

Allen Orville ([email protected])

John Parise ([email protected])

Claudia Rawn ([email protected])

P. Russo ([email protected])

Amy Sarjeant ([email protected])

Carla Slebodnick ([email protected])

Ward Smith ([email protected])

Alex Soares ([email protected])

Peter Stephens ([email protected])

Ian Swainson ([email protected])

Bob Sweet ([email protected])

John Tainer ([email protected])

Andy Torelli ([email protected])

Hiro Tsuruta ([email protected])

Yun-Xing Wang ([email protected])

Michael Wiener ([email protected])

Angus Wilkinson ([email protected])

Zachary Wood ([email protected])