2012 Workshops

All four workshops will be held on Saturday, July 28, 2012, within the Westin Boston Hotel. Pre-registration is mandatory and should be indicated on your registration form. The cost for each workshop is separate from the registration fee.


 WK.01 Refmac and Coot Workshop

 This workshop is for macromolecular crystallographers. We will cover macromolecular refinement and model-building, with a particular emphasis on low resolution refinement and the handling of ligands, demonstrating the latest tool and features in Refmac and Coot.  more


WK.02 Structure Refinement and Disorder Modeling with OLEX2

OLEX2 is an actively developed graphics program for structural solution and refinement. The workshop aims to introduce a number of advanced structure refinement features available in OLEX2 to a wide audience. The workshop will introduce a typical OLEX2 workflow followed by several in-depth examples of how non-routine structures may be refined. Particular attention will be paid to refinement of disordered structures and what advantages OLEX2 offers in handling them. more


WK.03 Modeling and Refinement of Nanoparticle Structures from Diffraction Data

Nanomaterials are becoming of increasing importance as complex, functional materials and without a doubt, this trend will continue. Whereas we have a well-developed set of tools to structurally characterize crystalline materials from single crystal and powder diffraction data, tools to extract the same amount of structural information from nanomaterials are just emerging. Along with new tools comes the challenge of making them available to the wider community and more importantly providing the training needed to enable young crystallographers to enter this field.  more


WK.04 Crystallography - World of Wonders

This workshop is a repeat of the workshop offered at the 2010 Chicago meeting, which was met with much enthusiasm. It is targeted at equipping high school teachers with materials and knowledge that allows them to introduce some basic topics and experiments related to crystallography to their classrooms. The goal is to expose teachers to crystallography, to instill an appreciation of our science in them, and to get them well enough acquainted with the topics that they feel comfortable passing this knowledge and excitement on.  more