WK.03  Rietveld Refinement Analysis




Clarina Dela Cruz

Oak Ridge National Lab

[email protected]


Oliver Gourdon

Los Alamos National Lab

[email protected]


This all-day workshop will introduce to the attendees the use to the Rietveld analysis technique. We will first emphasize the powder diffraction technique as well as the law and rules associated with it then move on to the Rietvield quantitative technique (solution and refinement of crystallographic data). Attendees will be asked to bring their own laptops with the software already downloaded. The workshop will be primarily targeted for novice users with limited experience in diffraction want to gain expertise in using the Rietveld analysis technique.


The Rietveld method is recognized as a being  at the forefront of the powder diffraction refinement technique. It is of extreme importance that more people are getting expertise into this technique to have a better understating of their technological materials of interest.


For that purpose, the target audience will be primarily novice users with some limited experience in diffraction and would like to gain expertise in using the Rietveld analysis technique. Attendees of the workshop will be required to bring their own laptops and will be encouraged to install GSAS-II software before arriving at the conference.  Help will be provided at the workshop to help install the software for anyone who has had trouble. If time permits, we are also planning to present the Rietveld refinement approach using other software packages such as Fullprof and/or JANA2006.


The format of the course will be to alternate between short overview lectures (mostly in the morning) and demonstration of the Rietveld technique using software support (mostly in the afternoon). Projectors will be used simultaneously, to show power point presentation slides as well as step to step process of the refinement procedure.


All participants must pre-register for the workshop and submit the following fee with their meeting registration form:


The workshop will begin at 9:00am and end at approximately 3:00pm. Participants are on their on for lunch.


Student or Post-doc - $125 before May 31,  $175 on or after June 1

All others - $165 before May 31,  $215 on or after June 1