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Abstracts submission CLOSED


Abstracts from Members

There is no abstract submission fee for members who have paid 2016 dues and submit before the deadline.  Need to renew your membership?  Renew or join online today.


Abstracts from Non-Members

Non-members submitting an abstract must also include the registration form and payment at the time of submission. Abstracts may be submitted electronically and registration may be completed online, by faxing the registration form with payment information to (716) 898-8695, or e-mailed as an attachment to the ACA Office. Any abstract received without registration will not be processed until the registration is received.



The presenting author must be listed first. No one may be first author on more than one abstract unless the session specifically states that this rule does not apply.


Invited Presentations

Abstracts for invited presentations must be submitted in the same manner as those for contributed papers and are subject to the same applicable abstract fees and deadlines.


Abstracts will be posted to the ACA web site only if the presenting author's permission is given with the abstract submission.


Presenting authors will be notified of their final abstract number, session name, date, time, and room assignment approximately 4 weeks prior to the meeting. This information will also be posted on the web site.


Revisions Contact [email protected] for specific instructions.  The same abstract submission fee rules will apply.


Late Abstracts:

Abstracts will continue to be accepted with the following late fees*:
Abstract submitted by April 29 = $50
Abstract submitted by May 15 = $100
Abstract submitted by May 30 = $150
After May 30, abstracts for poster presentations only, will be accepted with $200 late fee; contingent upon poster board availability

Payment can only be made by submitting the following information via fax at (716) 898 8695 or email to [email protected]
Name of Presenting Author
Title of Abstract
Amount to be charged
Type of card (VISA, MasterCard)
Card Number
Expiration date
Security code from back of card
Name of cardholder
Billing address of cardholder


Kindly submit payment information THEN submit abstract

*payment of late fee does not guarantee a lecture or poster presentation. If no presentation is available, the fee will be returned.




40% of all talks will come

from contributed abstracts



Planning your talk

Each session room will be equipped with an LCD projector and laptop. Presenters are encouraged to bring their talk on a memory stick and to use the provided laptop. Please arrive at your session room 30 minutes before the session begins or during the coffee break to connect computers and/or copy files to the available laptop.


Planning your Poster

The allotted size for each poster will be 4' x 4'. There will be 3 evening poster sessions; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Push pins will be provided. Authors will be assigned dates and times to be present at their board.This notification will be sent by email.


Poster presentations are eligible for a number of Poster Prizes. Indicate which prize you would like to be considered for with your submission.


Program Booklet

Titles and presenting authors of abstracts will appear in the Program Booklet.


Speaker Ready Room

The ACA will provide a separate room for speakers to review their talk and confirm that their presentation projects correctly. This room will be equipped with a laptop PC running windows and PowerPoint and a projector. It is mandatory that speakers review their materials the day before the presentation. If you plan on connecting a Mac, be sure to bring the proper cord.