The portal is still open and accepting abstracts.  As the deadline to submit for a talk has already passed however there is still time to submit an abstract for a poster opportunity!  

The ACA is utilizing OpenWater abstract system for the submission of abstracts to the 2018 Annual Meeting.  Authors must have an OpenWater account in order to submit an abstract. Click HERE to create an OpenWater account.    If at any point in the submission process you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact ACA Headquarters. 


There is no submission fee, but the deadline and the submission guidelines will be strictly enforced. Please read the instructions below before beginning your submission.



There is no abstract submission fee for members who have paid 2018 dues and submit before the deadline.  Need to renew your membership?  Renew online today.



There is no abstract submission fee for non-members but registration fees are higher. Join today and save!



The presenting author must be listed first. No one may be first author on more than one abstract unless the session specifically states that this rule does not apply.



Abstracts for invited presentations must be submitted in the same manner as those for contributed papers and are subject to the same applicable abstract fees and deadlines.



Titles and presenting authors of abstracts will appear in the Program Booklet.



The ACA will provide a separate room for speakers to review their talk and confirm that their presentation projects correctly. This room will be equipped with a laptop PC running windows and PowerPoint and a projector. It is mandatory that speakers review their materials the day before the presentation. If you plan on connecting a Mac, be sure to bring the proper cord.



Each session room will be equipped with a projector and a laptop PC running Windows and PowerPoint. Presenters may bring their PowerPoint presentation on CD or memory stick, or may bring their own laptop to plug into an electronic video switch. If you plan on connecting a Mac, be sure to bring the proper cord. Please arrive at your session room 30 minutes before the session begins or during the coffee break to connect computers and/or copy files to the available laptop.



The allotted size for each poster will be 4' x 4'. There will be three evening poster sessions; Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Push pins will be provided. Authors will be assigned dates and times to be present at their board. This notification will be sent by email and posted to the meeting website.


Poster presentations are eligible for a number of Poster Prizes. Indicate which prize you would like to be considered for with your submission.




This session is fully populated by abstracts for posters at the meeting. Authors will present a 3-minute thesis talk, but will additionally present their poster during the regular poster schedule.  Each presentation is 3 minutes in duration, with 1 PowerPoint slide, and NO questions. The poster is NOT in the room. A PowerPoint slide must be submitted one week prior to the meeting.


Finals round will be held on will be Saturday, July 21, 2018 between 12-1:30. Prizes will be awarded then.


Indicate your willingness to participate on the abstract submission form.




Online Submission using OpenWater Abstracts:


Go to:


Once there you will find deadlines and instructions for submitting an abstract.  At the bottom of the page you will see a link to submit an abstract.  Click on the link and it will take you to a registration page.  You must register with the system and create a username and password in order to submit an abstract. 


Once you have created a profile you will find a box of options to the left of the screen including a tab entitled "My Proposals".  It is through this link that you can submit and edit an abstract submission.


The title, authors, affiliations, contact information and body of the abstract should be uploaded to the system in PDF format. 


Enter all authors and their affiliations in the order they should appear in the abstract. Note: Only one affiliation may be included for each author. Do not enter information that you do not wish to appear online or in print such as home address or personal e-mail address.


Carefully check the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly, that the authors and affiliations are listed in the proper order, and that no information needs to be changed. Print or copy for your records, if desired.  Please note that once an abstract is finalized and submitted it can no longer be edited. 


Acknowledgment that your abstract has been received will be sent by e-mail. Please note that if you do not receive an email message your abstract has not been entered into the database. This acknowledgment will also be sent to all authors listed in the abstracts.


As always, if at any point in the submission process you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact ACA Headquarters.