Abstract Submission Template

You will be able to submit your abstract details (title and body) by uploading a word file.  This will allow you to easily format and use special characters in Microsoft Word in your abstract.  In order for us to process this correctly into a PDF, you must adhere to the template outline of the sample file provided below.


Important Notes:

  • You MUST use this template if uploading your abstract details.  If you don't use it your abstract may be rejected.
  • Do NOT enter author or institution information on this form.  You must enter this information into the fields provided in the abstract submission form.
  • You MUST only include the title and body content for the abstract.  All other information will be pulled in from the online form.
  • Save the file in '.doc' format before uploading.  Other formats such as '.docx' (Word 2007) will be rejected.

Click here to download the sample file