We are pleased to provide a new abstract submission application called ScholarOne Abstracts.There is no submission fee, but the deadline and the submission guidelines will be strictly enforced. Please read the instructions below before beginning your submission. Additional instructions are available here.


Abstracts from ACA Members

There is no abstract submission fee for members who have paid 2015 dues and submit before the deadline.  Need to renew your membership?  Renew online today.


Abstracts from Non-Members

Non-members submitting an abstract must also include the registration form and payment at the time of submission. Abstracts may be submitted electronically and registration may be completed online, by faxing the registration form with payment information to (716) 898-8695, or e-mailed as an attachment to the ACA Office. Any abstract received without registration will not be processed until the registration is received.



The presenting author must be listed first. No one may be first author on more than one abstract unless the session specifically states that this rule does not apply.


Invited Presentations

Abstracts for invited presentations must be submitted in the same manner as those for contributed papers and are subject to the same applicable abstract fees and deadlines.


Online Submission using ScholarOne Abstracts


Go to: https://aca2015.abstractcentral.com/ to submit your abstract.


You must first "Create an Account" and set up a username and password.


This should bring you to the "Welcome" page.


To submit an abstract, click "Submission" tab. Then click the, "Create New Submission", located on the left side.


If at any time during the submission process you need technical support click the "Help" button at the top right side of the screen.


Acknowledgment that your abstract has been received will be sent by e-mail. Please note that if you do not receive an email message your abstract has not been entered into the database. This acknowledgment will also be sent to all authors listed in the abstracts.


The body of the abstract can be cut and pasted into the submission site. Note that if special characters did not copy/paste correctly from your word processing software, LaTex coding cannot be cut and pasted and must be entered using the Special Character palette which appears on the Title/Body Screen.


Enter all authors and their affiliations in the order they should appear in the abstract. Note:  Only one affiliation may be included for each author. Do not enter information that you do not wish to appear online or in print such as home address or personal e-mail address.


Carefully check the proof of your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly, that the authors and affiliations are listed in the proper order, and that no information needs to be changed. Print or copy for your records, if desired.


When all the required information for your submission is entered, the "Submit Abstract" button will appear at the Proof and Submit stage.  Click the "Submit Abstract" button to submit the abstract.


Upon submission of your abstract you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


To view or edit an existing submission click "View Submissions" in the sidebar located on the left-hand side of the screen.


To edit an existing submission you must select "Return to Draft" and then select "Edit." All abstracts that are returned to draft must be resubmitted to be entered into the system.  If not, the submission will remain in the Drafts stage and will not be scheduled for presentation.



40% of all talks will come

from contributed abstracts


Planning your talk

Each session room will be equipped with an LCD projector and laptop. Presenters are encouraged to bring their talk on a memory stick and to use the provided laptop. Please arrive at your session room 30 minutes before the session begins or during the coffee break to connect computers and/or copy files to the available laptop.


Planning your Poster

The allotted size for each poster will be 4' x 4'. There will be 3 evening poster sessions; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Push pins will be provided. Authors will be assigned dates and times to be present at their board.This notification will be sent by email.


Poster presentations are eligible for a number of Poster Prizes. Indicate which prize you would like to be considered for with your submission.