Poster Prizes


All winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet on Wednesday, July 28, 2010.  Please indicate your wish to be considered for ONE of the below awards with your abstract submission.  


 Undergraduate Student Poster Prizes

 The following prizes are open to Undergraduate Students only.

AIP Undergraduate Research Prize 


  • The inaugural "Undergraduate Research Poster Prize" and "Undergraduate Research Presentation Prize", both sponsored by the American Institute of Physics through the Society of Physics Students, will be presented to undergraduate students at the ACA banquet. 
  • The winners will each receive $200 and a banquet ticket. 
  • Posters and oral presentations will be judged by the committee during the time the student is presenting his/her research. 
  • Presentations and posters will be judged on organization and clarity, presentation, and report of the research. 
  • To be eligible for these awards, the poster or oral presentation must describe research with a significant crystallographic component, students must demonstrate a command of the science, and students must have completed the majority of the work being presented. 

 Graduate & Undergraduate Student Poster Prizes

The following prizes are open to Graduate and Undergraduate students only.

 Protein Data Bank

  • The PDB Poster Prize is to recognize a student poster presentation involving macromolecular crystallography.
  • The prize is open to graduate and undergraduate students only - no postdoctoral posters.
IUCr Prize
  • The Executive Committee is pleased to continue the series of IUCr awards to be presented at meetings of the regional affiliates and national crystallographic associations. 
  • Award includes complimentary online access to all IUCr journals for one year or a complimentary volume of International Tables or other IUCr publication.
Pauling Poster Prize
  • Awarded to not more than five of the best undergraduate or graduate student poster presentations.
  • An additional Pauling Prize sponsored by the Canadian Division of the ACA and the Canadian National Committee of the IUCr, will be given to the highest ranked poster from a Canadian laboratory. 
  • Each award consists of $200, a complimentary banquet ticket, and a copy of Linus Pauling's "General Chemistry". 
  • Honorable mentions may also be awarded a complimentary banquet ticket.

The Journal of Chemical Crystallography Prize

  • The Journal of Chemical Crystallography proudly sponsors a prize to be awarded to the best student poster presentation in the area of chemical crystallography or small molecule structure determination and analysis at the ACA's Annual Meeting.

  • The winner will receive a one-year subscription to the Journal of Chemical Crystallography and a $200 Springer book voucher.

 Open Poster Prizes

The following poster prize is open to any poster presented at the ACA meeting.  

The Oxford Cryosystems Prize

  • The Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize is awarded to any poster describing work in low temperature crystallography. 
  • The winner will receive a prize of two hundred and fifty pounds sterling donated by Oxford Cryosystems.


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