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Scientific sessions are sponsored and organized by the 12 Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) within the association. Some sessions are jointly sponsored and organized; others are singularly organized.  Visit the ACA Homepage to learn more about SIGs.


Program Chair

Ross Angel
Crystallography Lab
Virginia Tech
1981 Kraft Dr
Blacksburg VA 24060

[email protected]

Local Chair

Bernie Santarsiero
Ctr for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
MC870 900 S. Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60607
[email protected]

Poster Session Chair

Victor Young

Dept of Chemistry

Univ of Minnesota

207 Pleasant St SE

Minneapolis MN 55455

[email protected]

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Saturday July 24

MORNING - 8:00am-5:00pm



SP.01 Plenary Lecture: V. Ramakrishnan 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Chair: Judith Kelly


Opening Reception & Exhibit Show


Sunday, July 25

MORNING SESSIONS - 8:30am - 12:00pm

AW.01 The lecture by Fankuchen Award winner David Watkin has been postponed to a future meeting.


The Opening Ceremony will begin at 8:30am.

02.01 General Interest I (General Interest) - This session is for all broad crystallography that does not "fit" within the areas covered by the individual SIG's - Chair: Bruce Noll

07.01 Membrane & Associated Proteins (BioMac, SAS) - Recent developments in using X-ray scattering and diffraction to

determine the structures of membranes and to characterize their interaction with membrane-associated proteins and peptides -Chair: L Yang

 01.01 Lighting the Way: In Memory of Louis Delbaere (BioMac) - A session to commemorate the work and honor the memory of Louis Delbaere, a passionate researcher, mentor, and pioneer in the field of protein X-ray crystallography - Chair: John Allingham
 07.02 Non-ambient Environments for Specialized Experiments (Powder, Small Mol, Mats) - Diffraction is a powerful, but sometimes challenging, tool for examining structure, structure-property relationships and chemical reactions as temperature, applied pressure and chemical environment are changed - Chairs: Angus Wilkinson, Christine Beavers

LUNCHTIME EVENT - 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.

PDB Depositors' Lunch
Come to the PDB Depositors' Lunch for an update on the wwPDB Common Deposition and Annotation Tool project and to provide your input and feedback on what the next generation deposition tool should offer. Attendees will be asked to sign in and to complete a questionnaire. A light lunch will be first come, first served. 

Young Scientists Scientific Interest Group Meeting

AFTERNOON SESSIONS - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

07.03 Software Integration & Databases (BioMac, YS-SIG) - This session will explore the use of databases in structure determination and the continued integration of software packages. - Chairs: Ed Collins, Peter Horanyi

07.04 Radiation Damage (BioMac, Sync) - X-ray damage, a major experimental complication in macromolecular crystallography, will be discussed from both the fundamental and practical perspectives. - Chairs: Janet Smith, James Holton

07.05 Local Structure (Neutron, Powder, Mats) - Recent successes and future directions in the application of total scattering analysis to the study of disordered materials. - Chairs: Thomas Proffen, Emil Bozin

07.06 Absolute Structure Determination; where are we now? (Small Mol, Service) - A discussion of the current methods for the determination of absolute structure from X-ray diffraction data - Chair: Joe Reibenspies


Exhibit Show, Poster Session I, Young Scientist Mixer

BioMacromolecules Scientific Interest Group Meeting - 5pm - Room Chicago 8&9

General Interest Scientific Interest Group Meeting - 5pm - Room Chicago 6



Monday, July 26

MORNING SESSIONS - 8:00am - 12:00pm

SP.02 Plenary Lecture: Solid-state Actinides: Some Crystal Chemistry and Crystallography. Jim Ibers (Northwestern University, USA), Chair: Jim Kaduk

TR.01 The First Element: in Memory of Bob Bau (Transaction) (All) - A symposium to honor the memory of Bob Bau ¬ chemist, diffractionist, neutron scattering expert and promoter and will focus on research achievements and future of studies involving hydrogen, which featured prominently in Bob's path-breaking research. - Chairs: Larry Falvello, Thomas Proffen, Nibuo Niimura

07.07 Surfaces & Interfaces (SAS, Sync) - Structure-property relationships of nanomaterial-polymer interfaces - Chair: Jim Browning, Byeongdu Lee

07.08 Automation & Data Collection (BioMac, Indust, Sync, SAS) - An overview of advanced methods and technologies that are being employed to increase the accessibility, capacity and efficiency of synchrotron beamlines while still maintaining, or even improving, the quality of the data. - Chair: Annie Héroux, Rick Walter

07.09 Fibril-forming Pathological Peptides: Prions, Amyloids & "Friends" (Fiber, SAS, Sync) -Attempts to understand the structural aspects and / or roles of these disease-associated fibrils through a range of techniques, including, but not limited to fiber diffraction. - Chair: Joseph Orgel

LUNCHTIME EVENT - 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.

Canadian Division Meeting and Lunch sponsored by the Canadian Light Source

Rigaku Lunch & Learn

AFTERNOON SESSIONS - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

TR.01 The First Element: in memory of Bob Bau (Transaction) (All) - A symposium to honor the memory of Bob Bau ¬ chemist, diffractionist, neutron scattering expert and promoter and will focus on research achievements and future of studies involving hydrogen, which featured prominently in Bob's path-breaking research. - Chairs: Larry Falvello, Thomas Proffen, Nibuo Niimura

07.10 Data Collection Strategies (Service, Small Mol) - Recent developments and experimental use of data collection strategies as well as tools and routines developed within crystallography centers to improve efficiency and success. - Chair: Chris Incarvito

07.11 Pushing the Envelope on SAXS: resolution, dynamics, complexity (SAS, BioMac, Sync) - This session highlights the increasing power of solution scattering to analyze structures of increasing complexity, and with improved resolution in space and time - Chair: Eaton Lattman

07.12 Exciting Structures (BioMac, Can Div, YS-SIG) - This session will sample many of the most exciting structures for oral presentations from submitted abstracts - Chair: Eric Ortlund


Exhibit Show, Poster Session II, Mentoring Dinner

Synchrotron Scientific Interest Group Meeting - 5pm - Room Chicago 10



Tuesday, July 27

MORNING SESSIONS - 8:00am - 12:00pm

AW.02 Etter Early Career Award to Ray Treivel (University of Michigan, USA), Chair: James Hurley

02.02 Etter Award Symposium (General Interest, YS-SIG) - Contributions from young scientists selected from contributed abstracts. - Chair: Ryan Jackson

01.02 Molecular Motors and Machines (BioMac) - Recent successes in determining the three-dimensional structure of molecular machines and motor proteins using X-ray crystallography and hybrid structural approaches. - Chair: Francis Tsai

07.13 Weird Materials (Materials, Powder, SAS) - This session will be featuring materials with intriguing behavior, which may tempt a scientist to call them "weird" when they first hear about their properties - Chair: Cora Lind

07.16 What can your Beamline offer you? (Neutron, Sync) - Speakers representing various Xray and neutron sources will inform the audience about what the beamlines have to offer, and how to access them. - Chair: Ashfia Huq  

LUNCHTIME EVENT - 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.

Industrial Scientific Interest Group Meeting - Room Chicago 8&9

Joint Meeting of the Small Molecules & Service Crystallography Scientific Interest Groups - Room Chicago 10

Small Angle Scattering Scientific Interest Group Meeting - Room Chicago 7

AFTERNOON SESSIONS - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

02.03 Blast from the Past: What was Old is New Again (General Interest, Small Mol, YS-SIG) - The presentation of well-established methods in crystal structure determination to a modern audience; how old and sometimes forgotten methods can be of great use in modern-day crystallography. - Chair: Peter Mueller

01.03 Longer Wavelength Phasing (BioMac) - Current methodological developments in the field of experimental phasing using longer X-ray wavelengths as well as some structural highlights will be presented. - Chairs: Manfred Weiss, BC Wang

03.01 New Developments in Fiber Diffraction: Cryo-, Micro-diffraction and Complementary Techniques (Fiber) - Contributions to technique development and structural studies of fibrous systems in the light of recent developments in techniques and facilities. - Chairs: Paul Langan, Joseph Orgel

07.14 Functional Materials (Neutron, Materials, Powder) - Structure-property aspects in advanced functional materials such as photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, magnetocalorifics, ferroics & multiferroics, and high-Tc superconductors - Chair: Jason Hodges


07.15 Would you Publish This II? (Service, General Interest, Small Mol) - An interactive session to address how members of the small molecule community handle structures of moderate or poor quality and limited scientific interest - Chairs: Carla Slebodnick, Danielle Gray


Exhibit Show, Poster Session III

Fiber Diffraction Scientific Interest Group Meeting - 5pm - Room Chicago 7

Materials & Powder & Neutron Scientific Interest Groups Joint Meeting - 5pm - Room Chicago 10

POWGEN & TOPAZ User Meeting



Wednesday, July 28

MORNING SESSIONS - 8:00am - 12:00pm

SP.03 Plenary Lecture: Tom Steitz 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Chair: Alexander Mankin

SP.04 Plenary Lecture: Ada Yonath, 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Chair: Hiro Tsurata 

07.18 Macromolecules, Complexes & Assemblies (BioMac, SAS) - Recent research results on three dimensional structures of biological macromolecular complexes and assemblies using X-ray and neutron diffraction/scattering techniques as well as complementary methods such as cryo-electron microscopy and computational approaches. - Chairs: Hiro Tsurata, Ed Lattman

06.01 New Tools - New Lights (Sync) - New light sources and new techniques that are enabling new or better science using diffraction or other imaging methods - Chairs: Gerd Rosenbaum, Keith Moffat

07.19 Precipitates & Voids in Advanced Materials (SAS, Materials, Neutron, Indust) - The structure of precipitates and voids and nanoscale phase separation and its relation to the functional properties of advanced materials such as catalysts and high-strength or extreme-environment superalloys, ceramics, and composites - Chair: Ken Littrell

05.01 Cool Structures (Small Mol) - Any unusual, interesting, or unique structure that the author might think would be of interest to the audience. - Chair: Xiaoping Wang 

LUNCHTIME BREAK - 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.

AFTERNOON SESSIONS - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

07.17 Incommensurately Modulated Materials (Neutron, Powder, Materials) - Recent successes in the structure determination of commensurate and incommensurate modulated structures. - Chair: Olivier Gourdon, Vic Young

07.21 Professional Odysseys (YSSIG, Industrial, Can Div) - A panel discussion involving participants engaged in a variety of crystallography-related careers, to give attendees an opportunity to learn about different professional avenues available to those with training in crystallography. - Chairs: Anna Gardberg, Megan Barker

07.22 Structural Insights into the Cause and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease (BioMac, Indust) - Structural studies related to thrombosis, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other biological systems related to cardiovascular disease. - Chairs: Holly Soutter, Barry Finzel

07.23 Energy-related Materials (Materials, Powder) - Materials for energy applications such as battery, hydrogen storage, thermoelectric and fuel cells. - Chairs: Ashfia Huq, Taner Yildirim


Member Business Meeting - All are welcome to hear about and discuss issues regarding the association - 5pm

Annual Banquet & Poster Prize Presentations- 6:30pm



Thursday, July 29

MORNING SESSIONS - 8:00am - 12:00pm

AW.03 Trueblood Award to Ton Spek (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Chair: Anthony Linden

01.04 Structural Enzymology: Mechanistic (BioMac) - Crystal structures of enzyme reactive intermediates, and/or the use of techniques that provide strong correlation(s) to the proposed reaction mechanism. - Chair: Allen Orville

02.04 General Interest II (General Interest) - This session is for all broad crystallography that does not "fit" within the areas covered by the individual SIG's. - Chair: Christine Beavers

04.01 Biomacromolecules (SAS) - Applications of small-angle X-ray and neutron scatteing to the study of biological macromolecular structures and complexes. - Chair: William Heller

07.24 Mechanisms of Phase Transitions (Materials, Powder, Neutron, SAS) - The atomistic mechanisms of phase transitions between symmetry-related crystal phases. - Chair: Branton Campbell

LUNCHTIME BREAK - 12:00p.m.-1:30p.m.

AFTERNOON SESSIONS - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

01.05 Biological Impacts of Structural Enzymology (BioMac) - The diverse and far-reaching impact that structural enzymology can have on our understanding and use of biology. - Chair: Charles Carter 

04.02 Soft Condensed Matter and SAS Studies (SAS) - X-ray and neutron scattering studies of macromolecular systems including polymer solutions, melt crystallized polymers, nano-materials and composites, and biopolymers - Chair: Gregory Beaucage

07.26 Handling Disorder in Crystal Structures - Crystal structures made difficult by the number, order or occupancy of solvent molecules - Chairs: Tom Emge, Saeed Khan


07.25 Powder Diffraction (Powder, Neutrons, Materials) - A general session for methods, applications and results obtained from powder diffraction, including new equipment, in-situ apparatus, phase equilibria, structure solution, refinement and materials analysis. - Chair: Peter Chupas  

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