Opening Reception & Exhibit Show


July 24, 2010


Renew old friendships, welcome new participants and support our exhibitors at the Opening Reception and 2010 Exhibit Show.  The reception is free for all registered participants and their registered guests. Nametags are required for entry into the ballroom.
Banquet & Award Ceremony               

Wednesday,  July 28, 2010


Winners of the 2010 Poster Prizes will be announced, along with a presentation by the Past President. Cash bar will be open at 6:30pm and dinner will be served at 7:30pm.  The menu will include a three-course meal with your choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian entree.  Tickets are $30 for Students and $60 for all others.
Young Scientists Mixer


July 25, 2010

The Young Scientist Mixer is one of the meeting's most popular events. The mixer provides a great opportunity for young scientists (students, postdocs, and early career scientists/teachers) to network and socialize. The mixer is enthusiastically supported largely by ACA corporate members. There will be no charge for registered students or postdocs but you must indicate on your registration form if you wish to attend. Tickets will be available for $20 for all other registered participants and registered guests.
Mentoring Dinner


July 26, 2010

Since 1995 the ACA has sponsored a Mentoring Dinner to provide a relaxed atmosphere for young scientists to network and seek mentors within the crystallographic community.  Young scientists will have the opportunity to discuss their science and career aspirations with seasoned scientists within their field. While there is no obligation to maintain contacts made during this event, we hope that both Mentors and Mentees will find it a rewarding experience. Mentees are usually considered students, post-docs, and early career teachers/scientists (i.e. non-tenured assistant professors) while Mentors are typically more experienced researchers, although assistant professors wishing to mentor are more than welcome to do so.  Tickets are $25 for Mentees and $35 for Mentors.


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