Preparing Lecutres & Posters


Lecture Preparation


Each session room will be equipped with a projector and a laptop PC running Windows and Microsoft PowerPoint. Presenters may bring their PowerPoint presentation on CD or memory stick, or may bring their own laptop to plug into an electronic video switch. If you plan on connecting a MAC, be SURE to bring the proper cord.  Please arrive at your session room 30 minutes before the session begins to connect computers and/or copy files to the available laptop.


Speaker Ready Room


The ACA will provide a separate room for speakers to review their talk and confirm that their slides project correctly.  This room will be equipped with a laptop PC running windows and PowerPoint and a projector.   It is recommended that speakers check their materials the day before the presentation. 


Poster Preparation

If you wish to be considered for one of ACA's Poster Prizes, please indicate so with your abstract submission. 


The allotted size for each poster will be 4' x 4'. There will be three evening poster sessions; Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  All posters should be assembled before 05:00pm on Sunday and removed at the end of the poster session on Tuesday at 07:30pm. Please be present at your poster during the entire time on the day to which you are assigned. Push pins will be provided.  


If you are unable to be present, please contact the ACA office immediately. 


Posters beginning with S will present in Poster Session I, on Sunday, 05:30pm - 07:30pm
Posters beginning with M will present in Poster Session II, on Monday, 05:30pm - 07:30pm
Posters beginning with T will present in Poster Session III, on Tuesday, 05:30pm - 07:30pm  


More on Abstract Submission


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