About Awards

The ACA recognizes distinguished achievement in the field of crystallography to both mature and early career crystallographers through the presentation of various annual awards and prizes.


Awards are presented at the Annual Meetings. Several awards are presented annually while others are presented every three years.  


Nominations for ACA Fellows are collected annually and are due by April 1 of any given year.


Please use the Nominate a Scientist form on this page to nominate your favorite candidate.


Appointment of Award Committees

The committees for the Warren, Fankuchen, Patterson, and Buerger, Bau, Rognlie, and Trueblood Awards are chosen and appointed by the ACA President by March 1st of the year proceeding the year in which each award is given.


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Award Donations

ACA accepts donations to Award Funds named in honor of exceptional crystallographers and those who have contributed tremendously to the formation and success of the Association. Find out more about ACA's Awards and Prizes and how to make a contribution.

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