Canadian Division of the ACA



As the North American Regional Affiliate of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), the ACA plays a significant role in promoting the applications and techniques of crystallography beyond U.S. borders.  The ACA represents all of North and South America to the global scientific community.  Canada is the largest single country outside the United States to contribute to the goals and purposed of the ACA.  The Canadian Division exists therefore to promote the interests of Canadian members and to provide for an elected official to represent these interest on the ACA Council.





Chair 2018-2019

David Rose

Dept. of Biology

Univ. of Waterloo

200 University Ave West

Waterloo, ON 2NL3G1

[email protected]





Secretary-Treasurer 2017-2018

Marcia Chaudet

Univ. of Waterloo

200 University Ave W

Waterloo, ON N2L3G1

[email protected] 



Annual Reports


Annual reports contain information on the activities of the SIG for the year, issues addressed by the SIG members, future activity planning and any changes to the operations or constitution of the SIG.


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Bylaws of the Canadian Division of the ACA

(Revised 1992.8.12, modified and approved 92.8.13 by the Council)




The name of the Division shall be the Canadian Division of the American Crystallographic Association. The American Crystallographic Association is hereinafter referred to as the ACA.




The purpose of the Division is to represent the interests of Canadian crystallographers within the ACA, to provide for the election of a Canadian Representative (hereinafter the Representative) to the Council of the ACA according to the provisions of the ACA By-laws and to promote scientific discussion among members of the ACA resident in Canada.




ACA The By-laws of this Division shall be consistent with the By-laws and Operating Rules of the ACA. In the event of conflict, the By-laws and Operating Rules of the ACA shall prevail.




All members of the ACA who are shown in the records of the ACA as having a mailing address in Canada are members of the Division.




The activities of the Division shall be governed by an Executive consisting of a Chair, a Secretary and the Representative (ex officio). The Chair and Secretary shall each hold office for two years except for the first elected Secretary who shall hold office for three years in order to ensure that the terms of Chair and Secretary are staggered. All meetings will be held at the call of the Chair and in any case a business meeting shall be held at least once a year in conjunction with a scientific meeting of the ACA. The Chair, or the chair's delegate, shall preside at all meetings of the Executive or general meetings of the Division. The Chair may appoint ad-hoc committees. The Secretary shall keep minutes and records of meetings of the Executive and general meetings of the Division. The Executive shall ensure that at least two nominations are provided for all posts in years when they fall vacant.




The Division may engage in any activities that are consistent with the By-laws and Operating Rules of the ACA and which further the purposes of the Division. These may include, but are not limited to, organizing meetings of its members.




Nominations for the Chair, Representative and Secretary must be made in writing signed by any three members of the Division for the Chair and Secretary, and any five members of the Division for the Representative, and signed by the candidate signifying willingness to stand. The election of officers shall be by mail ballot conducted in association with the elections of officers of the ACA. The candidate with the largest number of votes for any office shall be declared elected.




An amendment to these By-laws may be proposed at any time by the Executive or by any 10 members of the Division and must be put to a vote of the membership within 12 months. Voting shall be by mail ballot. The amendment must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the members voting.

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    2019 Meeting

 July 20 - 24

 Cincinnati/northern Kentucky