2018 Nominating Committee


This Committee exists to solicit and secure formal acceptance of nominations for positions on the Communications Committee, Education Committee, Data, Standards & Computing Committee and the ACA Council.  Positions on the Council for which the Nominating Committee secures candidates include the Vice President (annually), Secretary (every three years) and Treasurer (every three years).   The Nominating Committee is comprised of the immediate Past President, a new member appointed by the current President and one former member of the Committee.





Christine Beavers

Advanced Light Source

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

One Cyclotron Road

Berkeley CA 94720

[email protected]


Tom Terwilliger

Los Alamos Inst & BioScience Division

Los Alamos National Lab

MS M888

Los Alamos, NM 87545

[email protected]


David Rose

Dept. of Biology

Univ. of Waterloo

Waterloo ONT N2L3G1


drros[email protected]


2018 Communications Committee







Katrina Forest

Dept. of Bacteriology

Univ. of Wisconsin Madison

1550 Linden Dr.

Madison, WI 53706

[email protected]


Jim Fettinger

Dept. of Chemistry

Univ. of California, Davis

Davis, CA 95616

[email protected]


Brian Patrick

Dept. of Chemistry

Univ. of British Columbia

2036 Main Mall

Vancouver, BC V6T1Z1


[email protected]


Krystle McLaughlin

Chemistry Dept.
Vassar College

124 Raymond Ave Box 92

Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

[email protected]


The duties of the Communications Standing Committee are to meet annually to plan the work of the Committee, coordinate electronic and printed publications of the ACA, organize a press conference at the Annual Meetings, organize videotaping of historical and/or plenary lectures at the Annual Meetings and Prepare reviews of crystallographic research.


Communications Report 2017

Communications Report 2016

Communications Report 2015

Communications Report 2014

Communications Report 2012

Communications Report 2011

Communications Report 2010





2018 Education Committee






Andy Howard

Biological & Chemical Sciences

Illinois Inst. of Technology

3101 South Dearborn St

Chicago, IL 60616

[email protected]


Danielle Gray

School of Chemical Sciences

Univ. of Illinois

505 S Mathews Ave

Urbana, IL 61801

[email protected]


Charlotte Stern

Northwestern Univ.

2145 Sheridan Rd

Evanston, IL 60208

[email protected]


Pete Wood


12 Union Rd

Cambridge, CB21EZ UK

[email protected]


The duties of the Education Committee are to plan the ACA workshops held at the time of the Annual Meeting, develop methods for providing readily accessible professional development opportunities for members, review the applications to the Student Travel to Annual Meetings Fund and make recommendations to the Council. This committee should meet annually.


Continuing Education Report 2015

Continuing Education Report 2013

Continuing Education Report 2012

Continuing Education Report 2011 



Data, Standards & Computing






Stephen Burley

Center for Integrative Proteomics Research

Rutgers State Univ. of

New Jersey

174 Frelinghuysen Rd

Piscataway, NJ 08854

[email protected]


Nadia Zatsepin

Dept. of Physics

Arizona State Univ.

Mill Ave & University Ave

Tempe, AZ 85287

[email protected]



Nicholas Sauter

Lawrence Berkeley

National Lab

1 Cyclotron Rd MS 33-345

Berkeley, CA 94720

[email protected]


Paul Sanschagrin


174 Frelinghuysen Rd

Piscataway, NJ 08854

[email protected]



The duties of the Data, Standards & Computing are to meet annually to plan the work of the Committee, advise Council on issues regarding crystallographic databases including support, availability and usefulness, promulgate standards for publication and deposition of crystallographic information, work with software developers to encourage adequate documentation and work to assure reasonable access to source code for crystallographic software.


Data, Standards & Computing Report 2017

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2016

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2015

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2014

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2013

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2012

Data, Standards & Computing Report 2011



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    2019 Meeting

 July 20 - 24

 Cincinnati/northern Kentucky