2013 Elections


The results are in. Our appreciation goes out to all who participated in this year's election. All terms begin January 1, 2014.



Candidates for Council




Vice President

Chris Cahill (George Washington Univ.)


Canadian Representative

Michael James (Univ. of Alberta)


Candidates for Standing







Ilia Guzei (Univ. of Wisconsin Madison)



Continuing Education

Edward Collins (Univ. of North Carolina)



Data, Standards & Computing

Peter Mueller (MIT)

Candidates for SIG





Biological Molecules:

Chair Elect: Susan Buchanan, (NIDDK/NIH)

Secretary: Blaine Mooers (Univ. of Oklahoma)


General Interest:

Chair Elect: Stacey Smith (MIT)



Chair Elect: Peter Wood (Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre)

Secretary: Mark Olivera (Alkermes)


Materials Science:

Chair Elect: Simon Billinge (Columbia Univ.)


Neutron Scattering:

Chair Elect: Anna Llobet (Los Alamos National Lab)


Powder Diffraction:

Chair Elect: Craig Brown (NIST)


Service Crystallography:

Chair Elect: Bruce Noll (Bruker AXS)

Secretary: Stacey Smith (MIT)


Small Angle Scattering:

Chair Elect: Shuo Qian (Oak Ridge National Library)

Secretary: Angela Criswell (Rigaku Americas Corp.)

Member at Large: Thomas Weiss (Stanford Univ.)


Small Molecule:

Chair Elect: Christine Beavers (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Secretary: Louise Dawe, Dept. of Chemistry (Wilfred Univ.)


Synchrotron Radiation:

Chair Elect: Marian Szebenyi (Cornell Univ.)

Proposal:  Change SIG name to Light Source Scientific Interest Group was approved


Young Scientist:

Chair Elect: George Lountos (SAIC)



 Young Scientists



    2015 Meeting

  July 25-29

 Philadelphia, PA