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Chair 2018

Mike Takase

California Inst. of Technology

1200 E. California Ave

Pasadena, CA 91125

[email protected]


Chair-elect 2018/Chair 2019

Joseph Tanski

Dept. of Chemistry

Vassar College

124 Raymond Ave Box 601

Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

[email protected]


Secretary-Treasurer 2018-2019

Christine Beavers

Advanced Light Source

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

One Cyclotron Road

Berkeley, CA 94720

[email protected]



Annual Reports


Annual reports contain information on the activities of the SIG for the year, issues addressed by the SIG members, future activity planning and any changes to the operations or constitution of the SIG.


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Constitution of the General Interest Group

With changes approved by ballot 11/08


I.   Name

The name of this group shall be The General Interest Group of the American Crystallographic Association (ACA). The group shall also be known as the GIG.


II.   Purpose

The Purpose of the GIG is to provide a forum for oral and poster presentation of general topics outside the scope of the special sessions organized by ACA Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) and ACA Standing Committees (SCs) for upcoming ACA meetings. As long as there is no Special Interest Group dedicated to Crystallographic Education, the GIG shall have an educational mandate, which shall be executed in close collaboration with the Continuing Education Standing Committee.


III.  Relationship to the American Crystallographic Association

The Constitution of the GIG shall be consistent with the Constitution, By-laws and Rules of the ACA. In the event of conflict; the Constitution, By-laws, and Rules of the ACA shall prevail. The GIG shall sponsor at least one half-day session at every ACA annual meeting. As needed and in coordination with the Continuing Education Standing Committee, the GIG shall organize half-day sessions of topics related to crystallographic education. For such sessions the GIG shall be authorized to directly solicit abstracts and to apply for session enhancement funding from the ACA or other bodies. The GIG shall submit an annual report to the ACA Council prior to each meeting and a representative of the GIG shall meet with the ACA Council at each annual meeting. The GIG shall submit a report of scientific highlights to the ACA Council by December 1 of each year for inclusion in a future issue of the ACA Newsletter.


IV.  Membership & Dues

Membership in the GIG is open to all members of the ACA. The founding members shall be those who sign the GIG petition of membership intention to be submitted to the ACA Council in support of this constitution. Once the GIG has been formed and the officers have been elected, additional ACA members may join the GIG by applying to the Secretary-Treasurer of the GIG. The GIG Executive Committee may set yearly dues to be charged to the members subject to the approval of the ACA Council. Such dues shall be collected and disbursed by the ACA Treasurer.


V. Executive Committee

The GIG shall have three officers: the Chairperson, the Chairperson-Elect, and the Secretary-Treasurer. These officers shall be elected by the GIG membership and shall make up the Executive Committee of the GIG. The Executive Committee shall carry out all of the official functions of the GIG, including the annual appointment of a Nominating Committee and a Program Committee. The duties of the Chairperson shall include chairing all meetings of the GIG membership and of the GIG Executive Committee. The Chairperson-Elect shall fill in as necessary whenever the Chairperson cannot carry out his/her duties. The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall include recording minutes of all meetings of the GIG, maintaining a membership list and keeping records of the finances and expenditures of the GIG.


VI.  Terms of Office

The offices of Chairperson and Chairperson-Elect shall each be held for one year. The Chairperson-Elect shall automatically succeed to the office of Chairperson. Thus, the sequence of Chairperson-Elect to Chairperson shall be a two-year term. For the first year of the GIG, the person elected to be Chairperson shall complete his/her term in one year. The terms of office for the Secretary-Treasurer shall be two years. No person shall be elected to more than two consecutive terms as a member of the Executive Committee. Vacancies in unexpired terms shall be filled by a vote of the GIG membership. Regular terms shall begin on January 1 following an election.


VII. Nominations

When the GIG is formed, a Nominating Committee of three members shall be agreed upon by a consensus of the founding members. In subsequent years, the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. None of the Nominating Committee's three members may be current members of the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall provide two nominations for each of the vacancies that will occur: the Chairperson-Elect every year and the Secretary-Treasurer every other year. Other nominations may be submitted each year by a petition signed by three or more members of the GIG


VIII. Elections & Voting

Elections for officers shall take place at the same time and in the same manner as the ACA elections. In any election, the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be deemed to be elected. Except for the election of officers and votes on amendments to the Constitutions (see Section X), a simple majority of votes received shall determine the outcome of any ballot.


IX.  Activities

The activities of the GIG shall be those deemed by its officers and members to serve the purpose of the GIG. Annual GIG business meetings shall either be held at ACA meetings or be conducted by correspondence as announced in the ACA Newsletter by the GIG Executive Committee. In the organization of scientific sessions, oral presentations shall be selected competitively from contributed ACA Program Committee to oversee the selection of papers to be presented during sessions allotted to the GIG by the ACA Program Chair for the meeting.


X.  Amendments

An amendment to the Constitution of the General Interest Group of the American Crystallographic Association may be proposed at any time by 5% of the GIG membership to ten members, whichever is smaller, or by the Executive Committee of the SIG. The proposed amendment(s) and ballot shall be mailed to every member of the GIG, together with information on the deadline for the receipt of ballots, along with ACA election ballots or at least sixty days before the votes will be counted. To ratify, an amendment shall be approved by a two-thirds majority of those members voting.