A History of Award Winners

ACA is pleased to honor the following scientists for outstanding work in their fields.



 Award Index


B. Warren Award

Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award

M. J. Buerger Award

Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award

I. Fankuchen Award

Supper Award

A. Patterson Award

E.A. Wood Science Writing Award

K. Trueblood Award

Robert Bau Award

ACA Fellows

 Poster Prize Winners

 D.G. Rognlie Award


B. Warren Award Past Winners

2015  Laurence Marks

Understanding Oxide Surfaces: From Structure to Catalysis


2012 Paul Fenter

Imaging Structures and Processes at Solid-Liquid Interfaces with X-rays


2009 Shih-Lin Chang

Coherent Dynamical Interaction in X-ray Multiple Diffraction and Crystal Cavity Resonance


2006  Charles Majkrzak

Investigating the Structures of Thin Films and Multilayered Materials by Neutron Reflectometry


2003 Takeshi Egami

Democracy in the Imperfect World: Local Crystallography of Crystals with Disorder


2000  Ian Robinson

Crystal Truncation Rods, Ancient and Modern


1997 David Long Price

Order and Disorder in Condensed Matter


1994 Michael Bedzyk

X-Ray Standing Waves at a Reflecting Mirror Surface


1991  James Jorgensen

Structural Properties as a Probe of the Physics of Oxide Superconductors


1988 Robert J. Birgeneau and Paul M. Horn

Two-Dimensional Phases and Phase Transitions by Diffraction Methods


1985 Bennett C. Larson

X-Ray Studies using Pulsed-lasar Irradiation


1982 Benjamin Post

Direct Measurement of Phases of Diffracted Radiation


1979  F.W. Lytle, D.E. Sayers and E.A. Stern

Theory and Application of Fine Structure at Absorption Edge Effects


1976 John M. Cowley and S. Iijima

High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Crystal Structures


1973  J.D. Axe and G. Shirane

Lattice and Molecular Dynamics as Studied by Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons


1970 U. Bonse and M. Hart

X-Ray Interferometer and its Application to the Study of the Physics of Solids


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M. Buerger Award Past Winners

2015   Greg Petsko


2012  John Spence

Fast Molecular Imaging with an X-ray Laser  


2009  Michael James

From Sillimanite to Structural Biology or Minerals to Macromolecules    


2006 Helen M. Berman

A Personal Journey through Structure Space


2003  Jim Ibers

Less Difficult But Still Not Easy


2000  Lyle Jensen

Then and Now -Reflections of a Mature Discipline


1997  Carroll K. Johnson

Thermal Ellipsoid Analysis 


1994  Philip Coppens

The New Synchrotron Radiation Crystallography


1991  Jack D. Dunitz

Chemical Aspects of Phase Transitions in Molecular Crystals


1988  George A. Jeffrey

X-Ray and Neutron Diffraction of Carbohydrates and Clathrates


1985  William P. Busing Theory and Practice of Accurate Data Collection and Analysis

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I. Fankuchen Award Past Winners

2016  Elspeth Garman

Travels in Protein Crystallography


2013  Richard Dickerson


2010  David Watkin

Structure Analysis.  Why do we always ..........?


2007  Frank H. Herbstein

What Can We Learn From the Multiple Crystal Structures Reported for Pentacene, and for the Anthracene and Tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) Molecules in Their Various Guises?


2004  Alexander McPherson

Where are we Going? Where Have we Been?


2001  James Stewart

Response to Fankuchen Award 2001


1998  E. Dodson

Interdependence within Macromolecular Crystallography


1995  Jenny Glusker

Metal Ions in Proteins


Kenneth Trueblood

On Crystallographic Education and on Internal Motion of Molecules in Crystals


1992  Donald L D Caspar

Protein Adaptability:  Quasi-Equivalence, Plasticity and Switching


1989  David Sayre

On the Possibility of Structure Determination of Specimens Consisting of One Large (1012) Dalton) Asymmetric Unit


1986  Michael G. Rossmann

Virus Structure Determination and Correlation with Function


1983  Lyle H. Jensen

Accurate Refinement and Analysis of Protein Structures


1980  David Harker

Heavy Atom and Direct Methods of Structure Determination, Boron and Protein Structure


1977  Dorothy Hodgkin

Crystallographic Studies of Hormones, Antibiotics, and Proteins


1974  A. Guinier

Fundamental Development and Teaching of the Theory and Applications of X-Ray Diffraction


1971  Martin J. Buerger

Crystal Structure Aspects of Phase Transformations

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A. Patterson Award Past Winners

2017  Zbignew Dauter

The Patterson Award for a Lucky Crystallographer.  

2014  John Helliwell

Synchrotron Radiation Macromolecular Crystallography: Instrumentation, Methods and Applications


2011  Keith Moffat

Time-Resolved Macromolecular Crystallography: From Hours to Femtoseconds


2008  B.C. Wang

Resolution of Phase Ambiguity in Macromolecular Crystallography: 25 Years Later


2005  Alwyn Jones

From Inter to O


2002  Douglas Dorset

Correlations, Convolutions and the Validity of Electron Crystallography


1999  Gerard Bricogne

Intensities, Phases and Structures:  The Role of Mathematics in Crystallography


1997  Christer E. Nordman

Travels in Patterson Space 

1993  George Sheldrick

Direct Attempts to Solve Protein Structures


1990  Michael M. Woolfson

Direct Methods and Macromolecular Structures 

1987  David and Lieselotte Templeton

Theory, Measurement, and Use of Anomalous Scattering  

1984  Jerome Karle and Herbert Hauptman

Direct Methods of Crystal Structure Determination


1981  Wayne A. Hendrickson

Use of Anomalous Dispersion Effects in Phasing Protein Diffraction Data

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K. Trueblood Award Past Winners

2016  Axel Brunger

XFEL Crystal Structure of the Synaptotagmin-1 : SNARE Complex


2013  Thomas Terwilliger

Automated Structure Solution, Density Modification, and Model Building for MAD, SAD and MIR


2010  Anthony Spek

From Paper Tape Input to Forensic Crystallography. Forty years of Small Molecule Computing


2007  Angelo Gavezzotti

Forty Years of Struggle With Computers Over Crystallography and Intermolecular Interactions


2004  Richard E. Marsh

X-ray Diffraction through the Years: From One Structure per Year to One Structure Per Hour

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Robert Bau Award Past Winners

2016   Benno Schoenborn


2013  Thomas Koetzle

From the Amino Acid Structures to Metal Hydrides:  Four Decades of Single- Crystal Neutron Diffraction



 C.E. Supper Instrumentation Award Past Winners

2012  Ronald Hamlin

2-D X-ray detectors --- What do we really want and how can we build it?


2004  Nguyen-Huu Xuong

Advanced Area Detectors for Protein Crystallography and Electron Microscopy


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E.A. Wood Science Writing Award Past Winners

2017 James O'Brien

2014  Dan Rabinovich

2011  Daniel Norcea 

2007  Lisa Randall

2004  Oliver Sacks

2002  Ira Flatow

2001  K.C. Cole

1999  Robert Weinberg

1998  Robert M. Hazen

1997  Roald Hoffmann



 D.G. Rognlie Award

2017 Helen M. Berman

Community Building Challenges for the Protein Data Bank. 

Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award Past Winners

2017  Christine Durham

Molecular Mechanisms of Translational Control

2016  Jason Benedict

Watching Crystals Work: Structural Dynamics of Metal-organic Frameworks


2015  Yan Jessie Zhang

Nature, Imitation Game: Decipher the Combinatorial CTD Code for Eukaryotic Transcription


2014  Borden Lacy

Exploring the Structures of Clostridial Protein Toxins


2013  Eric Ortlund


2012 Emmanual Skordalakes

Telomerase Structure Function


2011  Yurij Mozhariskyj

Chemistry of Re5X4 Magnetocaloric Phases: Interplay Between Electron Concentration and Crystal Structure


 2010  Raymond Trievel 

Roles of Carbon-Oxygen Hydrogen Bonds in Methyl Group Recognition and Catalysis in Protein Lysine Methyltransferases and Demethylases


2009 Svilen Bobev

From Sillimanite to Structural Biology or Minerals to Macromolecules


2008 Radu Custelcean

Manipulating Hydrogen Bonds in Crystalline Solids: From Etter's Rules to Anion Recognition


2007  Cora Lind

Negative Thermal Expansion Materials: X-ray and Neutron Diffraction Adventures under Non-ambient Conditions


2006  Carrie Wilmot

X-rays, Action, Camera! The Joys and Heartaches of Making Movies of Redox Enzymes in Motion


2005  Jennifer A. Swift

Growth and Dissolution of Cholesterol Crystals

2004  Leonard MacGillivray

Linear templates: Tools for Constructing Molecules in the Solid State


2003  Julia Chan

Structure-Property Relationships of Superconducting and Heavy Fermion Intermettalics


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Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award Past Winners


BioMac:  Avni Bhatt, Univ. of Florida (4.1.1)

Industrial:  Madushani Dharmarwardana, Univ. of Texas (3.2.3)

Light Sources:  Seth Corey, Texas A&M Univ. (4.1.5)

Materials Science:  Andrea Bruck, Stony Brook Univ. (3.1.1)

Neutron Scattering:  Daniel Olds, Oak Ridge National Lab (3.2.2)

Powder Diffraction:  Ying Zhang, Brigham Young Univ. (1.2.2)

Small Molecule:  Korey Carter, George Washington Univ. (2.1.5)

Young Scientist:  Kyle Stiers, Univ. of Missouri (4.1.1)

Small Angle Scattering:   Eric Manley, Northwestern Univ. (3.1.5)

Canadian: Matt McLeod, Univ. of Waterloo (4.1.1)

Service Crystallography:  Nico Giordano, Univ. of Edinburgh (4.1.1)


BioMac:  Stefan Imseng, Univ. of Basel (03.04.01)

Fiber Diffraction: Brendan Sullivan, Purdue Univ. (05.06.06)

General Interest:  Jens Luebben, Heinrich Heine Univ. (

Industrial:  Mikaela Pyrch, George Washington Univ. (02.02.06)

Light Sources:  Charles Bury, Univ. of Oxford (04.05.03)

Materials Science:  Daniel Mast, Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas (05.03.06)

Neutron Scattering:  Amber Larson, Univ. of Maryland (05.02.08)

Powder Diffraction:  Dan Taylor, Univ. of Maryland (05.07.06)

Small Molecule:  Victoria Hall, Georgetown Univ. (

Young Scientist:  Jose Olmos, Rice Univ. (01.04.08)


BioMacPhilip Choi, Columbia Univ.(

General InterestPawel Janowski, Rutgers Univ. (

IndustrialBrian Mahon, Univ. of  Florida (

Light SourcesPascal Krotee, Univ. of Calif.-Los Angeles (

Materials ScienceMariana Verezhak, Univ. of Grenoble, France (

Neutron ScatteringKeith Taddei, Northern Illinois Univ. (

Powder DiffractionDaniel Mast, Univ. of Nevada (

Small MoleculeKarina Heffernan, Virginia Tech. (

Young ScientistKatarzyna Handing, Univ. of Virginia (



BioMac:  Yusong Guo, Rice Univ. (
Fiber Diffraction:  R. S. Madhurapantula, Illinois Inst. of Technology (
Industrial:  Jacob Trotta, Alkermes, Inc. (
Light Source:  Igor Petrik, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (
Materials Science:  William Kerlin, Univ. of Nevada Las Vegas (
Neutron Scattering:  Patricia Langan, Los Alamos National Lab (
Powder Diffraction:  Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Univ. of Pennsylvania (
Small Angle Scattering:  Jesse Hopkins, Cornell Univ. (
Small Molecule:  Jordan Cox, Univ. of Buffalo (
Young Scientist:  Crysania Linderman, Univ. of Buffalo (



BioMac:  Adam Roberts, UNC - Chapel Hill (13.01.03)

General Interest:  Colleen Lopez,California State Univ. San Marcos (03.02.04)

Materials Science:  Mirijam Zobel, Univ. Erlangen, Germany (13.04.06)

Neutron Scattering:  Rebecca Beadling, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania (13.18.03)

Service Crystallography:  Christopher Rackauckas, Oberlin College (13.06.10)

Small Angle Scattering:  Donghyuk Shin , Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea (09.01.16)

Small Molecule:  Andrew Cairns, Univ. of Oxford, UK (13.06.08)

Synchrotron Radiation:  Jennifer Wierman, Cornell Univ. (11.01.04)

Young Scientist:  Karim Sutton, Univ. of Oxford, UK (12.02.07)



BioMac:  Eugene Chun, The Scripps Research Institute (13.20.05)

Fiber:  Simon Goodson, Cardiff Univ. (13.11.03)

GIG:  Karim Sutton, Univ. of Oxford (03.02.04)

Industrial:  Shraddha Thakkar, Univ. of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Neutron:  Elena Aksel, Univ. of Flordia (13.13.01)

Powder:  Andrey Yakovenko, Texas A&M (13.19.04)

Small Angle Scattering:  Allan Pang, Queen Mary University of London (09.05.07)

Synchrotron Radiation :  Christopher Dettmar, Purdue Univ. (13.12.05)

YSSIG:  Joseph Liberman, Univ. of Rochester (12.01.09)



BioMac:  Rebekah Nash, Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, (08.09.6)

General Interest:  Jason Mercer, Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland, (02.01.3)

Materials Science :  Phoebe Allan, Univ. of St. Andrews, UK, (08.08.1)

Powder Diffraction:  Kevin Rhodes, Univ. of Tennessee, Oak Ridge (08.07.10)

Small Molecules:  John Sander, Univ. of Iowa, Iowa City, (05.02.13)

Small Angle Scattering:  Thomas Grant, Hauptman-Woodward Inst, Buffalo NY, (04.03.5)

Synchrotron Radiation:  Lauren Hatcher, Univ. of Bath, UK, (TR.01.05.014)

Young Scientist:  Karen Ruane, McGill Univ., Montreal Canada, (SP.01.2)



BioMac:  Krystle McLaughlin, Univ. of Rochester, NY - 07.12.6

Fiber Diffraction:  William Wan, Vanderbilt Univ - 07.09.5

Industrial:  Wei Ke, Case Western Reserve Univ. - 02.02.4

Materials:  Catherine Hoel, Northwestern Univ. - 07.14.2

Neutron Scattering:  Stacey Smith, Brigham Young Univ. - 07.05.5

Powder Diffraction:  Fernando Uribe-Romo, Univ. of California LA - 07.25.6

Service Cr:  Jason Porta, Univ. of Nebraska - 07.17.6

Small Angle Scattering:  Ramnath Ramachandran, Univ. of Cincinnati - 04.02.7

Small Molecules:  Brandon Mercado, Univ. of California Davis - 07.26.3

Synchrotron Radiation:  Mark Hunter, Arizona State Univ. - 07.01.1

Young Scientist:  Dayne West, Univ. of Florida - 02.02.1



Alaji Bah, (06.20.03), Jinsheng Wen, (06.18.03), Catherine Tupper, (06.04.02), Matt Beekman, (06.15.04), Partha P. Das, (06.08.04), Peter Gin, (04.01.04), Jesse Smith, (06.10.07), Ivan Campeotto, (SP.02.04)



Alexey Amunts (01.03.05), Olga Antipova (02.01.06), Matthew Hudson (06.01.06), Karen Mulfort (13.08.06), Clare Yannette (13.10.06), Sterling Cornaby (13.14.03), Xuerong Liu (13.15.05), Daniel Mitchell (13.15.06), Aruna Shankaranarayanan (AW.01.05)



Tali Lavy (AW.03.09), Da Jia (01.01.08), Ryan McAndrew (01.04.05), Amy Gindhart (05.01.05), Jae-Hyuk Her (07.01.11), Greg A. Hogan (10.03.11), Jan Lipfert (13.03.03)



Simon Jenni (01.03.04), Sayon Kumalah (13.12.06), Peng Wang (13.11.05), Katherine Page (13.13.06), Ryan Justice (T-P001 session 09.03), Yulia Sevryugina (13.02.04), Jean Jankoncic (11.01.05)



Rumana Rashid (01.07.06), Sohela Vaezeslami (04.03.11), Dugald MacDougall (06.01.08), Elinor Spencer (08.03.07), Yuan Lin (01.04.07), Tamara Hamilton (AW.02.03)



Lincoln Bickford (01.07.01), Carla Ferragina (06.02.01), Zhanhui Yuan (10.01.10), Mehmet Aslantas (08.01.01)



Monica Allain (08.02.03), Firas Awwadi (09.02.05), Peter Chupas (04.01.03), David Lodowski (01.04.05), Jennifer Padilla (03.04.05)


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