A History of Poster Prize Winners


ACA is pleased to honor the following scientists for outstanding work in poster presentations at annual meetings.



 Award Index


 Pauling Poster Prizes

 Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize

 Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize

AIP Undergraduate Poster Prize

 IUCr Poster Prize

 CrystEngComm Poster Prize

Journal on Structural Dynamics

 RCBS Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Taylor & Francis Biomolecular Crystallography Poster Prize

 Other Awards



Poster Prizes


Linus Pauling Poster Prizes

Darpandeep Aulakh (Clarkson Univ). Metal-Organic Frameworks as Platforms for the Controlled Nanostructuring of Single Molecule Magnets.

Carrie Lomelino (Univ of Florida). Non-classical, Diol-based Inhibition of Carbonic Anhydrase IX as a Potential Breast Cancer Therapy.

Lauren Stevens (Univ of Maryland). Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Low Valent Group 13 Complexes.

Herman R. Branson Pauling Poster Prize:

Jens Luebben (Heinrich-Heine-Univ. Duesseldorf). Automated Rigid Body Segmentation.


Muttaiya Sundaralingam Poster Prize

Ryan Jackson (postdoc, Montana State Univ). CRISPR RNA-guided DNA interference in Escherichia coli.


Loius Delbaere Pauling Poser Prize

Jinhong Hu (Univ of Calgary). Identification of the Inhibition Mechanism of Hydroxycitrate on Human ATP Citrate Lyase through X-ray Crystallography.


IUCr Pauling Poster Prize

Alina Morales (Grand Valley State Univ). Novel Boronic Acid Inhibitors for the Class D β-Lactamase OXA-1.


Journal on Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

Ayaka Harada (Photon Factory, KEK, Japan). Substructure determination for native-SAD phasing.


RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Miguel Torres (University of Calgary). Crystal Structures of Plant N-Methyltransferase Complexes Reveal New Insights into Substrate Recognition and Catalytic Mechanism.


Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize

Juby Varghese (Clarkson Univ). SCXRD Meets PXRD to Investigate Temperature Induced Polymorphism in a Metal-Organic Framework.

Honorable Mention. José A. Carmona-Negrón (Univ of Puerto Rico). Synthesis, charterization, and application of ferrocenes complexes as estrogen's pentant groups for breast cancer treatment: an approach to design novel metal-based therapeutic drugs.


CrystEngComm Poster Prize 

Winner. Serena Seshadri (Georgetown Univ). Patterned Crystallization on Unpatterned Substrates.

Honorable Mention. Nara Guimaraes (Univ of Sao Paulo USP, Brazil). X-ray analysis for the ternary ZrO2-Y2O3-Nb2O5 used as Thermal Barrier Coating.


Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize 

Winner. Christopher Gianopoulos (postdoc, Univ of Toledo). Insights on the Reactivity and Partial Retro-Diels-Alder Character of Norbornene Compounds Derived from Charge-Density Studies at 20 K.

Honorable Mention. Zhijie Chua (postdoc, Univ of Toledo). Charge density analysis of 2,5-Dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone (DCBQ) at 20 K.


Taylor & Francis Biomolecular Crystallography Poster Prize

Massimo D. Sammito (The University of Göttingen). Solving protein structures without a model or experimental phases.


MiTeGen-Society of Physics Students Undergraduate Poster Prize

Sofia Antal (Univ of Colorado Boulder/New Mexico Highlands Univ). Crystalline Products of CO2 Capture by Piperazine Aqueous Solutions.


Pauling Poster Prize Winners


Linus Pauling Poster Prizes

Emilia Arturo,  S51

Anna Gres, S13

Vicky Doan-Nguyen, S47


Herman Branson Pauling Prize

Maxwell Terban, S57


Muttaiya Sundaralingam Pauling Poster Prize

Christopher Barnes, S29


Canadian Delbaere Pauling Prize Poster Prize

Matthew McDougall, S52


IUCr Pauling Prize Poster Prize

Joseph Chappell, S25


CrystEngComm Poster Prize

Andrea Goitz, M62


Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize

Anastasiya Vinokur, M03


MiTeGen-Society of Physics Students Undergraduate Poster Prize

Ren Wiscons, S07


Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize

Kristin Kirschbaum, M29


RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Marina Ivanova, S26


Journal on Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

Sanaz Khorasani, M35


Taylor & Francis Biomolecular Crystallography Poster Prize

Joseph Bauman, M27



Winners:  Alisa Glukhova (S27)

Louis Delbaere Canadian Student Pauling Prize Winner:  Kritica Arora (S21)

Muttaiya Sundaralingham Pauling Prize Winner:  Dale Kreitler (S24)

Herman R. Branson Pauling Prize Winner:  Nikita Ussin (S-30)



Winners: Shuaiqi Guo (S-29), Paul Musille (S-36), Shane Caldwell (S-64)

Honorable mentions: Kyra Jones (S-85), Alan Ji (S-06), Eric Nezerwa (S-43)

Herman R. Branson Pauling Prize Winner: Jeremy Bakelar (S-23)

Louis Delbaere Pauling Prize Pauling Winner: Sabina Sarvan (S-94)

Muttaiya Sundaralingam Pauling Prize Winner: Kyung Rok Kim (S-49)


Winners:  Christopher Boone (S-23), Yen-Ting Lai (S-58) Nilda Alicea-Velazquez (S-01)

Herman R. Branson Pauling Prize Winner:  Amber Smith (S-15)

Louis Delbaere Pauling Prize Winner: Kevin Leung (S-35)

Muttaiya Sundaralingam Pauling Prize Winner:  Tamaria Dewdney (S-51)

Committee:  Brain Patrick, Katherine Kantardjieff, Alexander Nazarenko, Tobin Sosnick, Hilary Jenkins



Winners:Brandon Goblirsch (M09), Hsiu-Wen Wang (M13), Weina Wang (M31)

Canadian Laboratory Winner: Megan Barker (M42)

Committee: James Kaduk, Joseph Ng, Heather Pinkett, Susan Buchanan


Winners: Peder Cedervall (S-104), Donald Raymond (S-310)
Canadian Laboratory Winner: Sara Andres (S-232)
Committee: David Rose, Brian Patrick, Bernie Santarsiero, Branton Campbell


Winner: Christopher Kimberlin (P-S04)
Committee: Hilary Jenkins, Andres Decken, Frank Fronczek
Canadian Laboratory Winner: Kristin Low (P-M093)


Winners: Tobias Beck (P56), Matt Larson (P111), Jarrod French (P141), Ilana Goldberg (P207)
Honorable Mentions: Roland Pfoh (P97), B. L. Brown (P199)
Canadian Laboratory Winner: Konstantin Popovic (P084)


Winners:  Ernest Asani (SP199), Alaji Bah (SP252), Misty Balcewich (SP104), Rebecca Hoeft (SP138), Christopher Jurgenson (SP014)
Canadian Division Winner: 
Magdalena Korczynska (SP027).
Charles Carter, Ed Collins, Tom Hurley, John Sack, B.C. Wang, and Ron Viola


Winners:  Justin Chartron (S-P017), Niket Shah (S-P091), Teresa De la Mora-Rey (M-P138), Amy Gindhart (S-P043)
Canadian Division Winner:
  Lisa Pell (S-P097)
Honorable mention:
  Cynthia Sides (M-P136)
:  RobMcKenna (chair), Paul Adams, Vivian Cody, Xinhua Ji, Brian Shilton, Albert Berghuis, Vivian Stojanoff, George Sheldrick


Winners: Yang Shen- P064, Darrell Hurt- P135, Jacob Morris- P172, Tony N. Sokolov- P203, Jeremiah Wagner-P235
Canadian Pauling Prize Winner -
Peter J. Stogios-P065.
Gautam Desiraju (chair), Xiaodong Cheng, Lee Groat, Rob McKenna, Gil Prive


Winners:  Ruchi Anand-PPX270, Kacey Claborn-PP180, Marilise A. Hyacinth-PX232, Jason Key-PP159, Shilpa Sambashivan PP110
Pauling Prize to Canadian
- Jeffrey Lee-PPX047
Pauling Prize Honorable Mention -
Paul A. Del Rizzo-PP129, Brian Dempsey-PP088, Erika Soriano-PP133


Committee:  Fred Hollander (chair) Larry Falvello, Christer Aakeroy, Chuck Campana, Fred Wireko, Frank Rotella, Joel Oliver, Tim Mueser
Winners:  Frankie Anderson PPX022, Christina Bourne - PP003, Ty Gould - PPX 215, Paul Hubbard - PPX054, Nicole Webb - PP093


Committee:  Joshau Sakon (chair), Stan Cmaeron, Frank Fronczek, Patrick Loll, Vivien Yee
Winners:  Sonia Patenaude - PPX072, Samantha Perez-Miller - PP074, Francisco Hernandez-Guzman - PP097, Andrey Kovalevsky - PPX144, Brian Helfrich - PPX180
Honorable Mention:  Jeff Wilson - PX062, Kimberly Terry - PP078, Nicklaus Steussy - PPX105, Christina DeWitt - PP131, Leanne Wybenga-Groot - PP080


Committee:  John Rose (chair), Bev Vincent, Lisa Edberg, Chuck Campana, Todd Yeates, Ana Gonzalez
Winners:  Chapin Rodríguez - PP00A, Sean J. Johnson - PP026, Angela R. Criswell - PP037, Brian J. Gibbons - PP040, Matt Farmer - PP050
Honorable Mention:  Douglas Daniels - PP019, Cameron Mura - PP008, Chris Lemke - PP010


Committee:  Bruce Jacobson (chair), Qi Gao, Joshua Sakon, Tom Zarembinski, Tim Rydel
Winners:  Chun-Jung Chen - P033, Yongjae Lee - P122, Cho Sang Woo - P188, Satinder K. Singh - P196, Akhilesh Tripathi - P225
Honorable Mention: Raquel L. Lieberman - P125, Jennifer E. Padilla - P156


Committee:  George DeTitta (chair), Penny Codding, Patrick Van Roey, Dick Harlow, Charlie Carter, Bill Stallings
Winners:  Chris Lemke - PS30, Onofrio Anunziata - PS45, Emil Bozin - PS62, Matthew Vetting - PM24, Douglas Hagrman - PM63

Committee:   Lynn Howell (chair), Don Ward, Ray Butcher, Helen Berman, Sine Larsen, Albert Berghuis, Bill Furey, Patrick Van Roey, Jerry Jasinski.
Winners:  Ekaterina Anokhina - P262, Bryan de la Barre - P184, William R. Wikoff - P210, Harindarpal Gil - P028
Honorable Mention:  Matthew Pearson - P023, Dana Saadat - P061


Committee: Patrick Loll (chair), Jeff Dechamps, Sylvie Doublie, Qi Gao, Despina Louca, Martin Horvath
Winners: Tom J. Brett - P263, Joseph M. Krahn - P07, Piotr Sliz - P101
Honorable Mention:  Craig A. Behnke - P182, Dmitry V. Fomitchev - P268, Bianca Hovey - P44, Holly Jing - P76, Geeta Sood - P242


Winners:  Fei Gu - W124, Peter Kuhn - W115, Erik Martinez-Hackert - M103, Monica Niederhut - W175, Thomas Schneider - M070
Honorable Mention:  S.A. Hemming - M037, Ling Hong - W127, Jun Liang - W050, Isabel Pascual - M1182


Winners:  Peter Kuhn-PGL01, Edward Marcotte - PGL08,Claire Peters-Libeu, PHE04,Victoria Russell - PHB06, Craig Bird, PHB01
Honorable Mention:  Wayne Shultz - PCH05, Xin Chen - PT12, Pradip Bakshi - PHB04, Solange Morera - PAC16


Winners: Suet C. Mui - PC07, Sabine Kamperman - PG06, Elise A. Sudbeck - PH06, Sylvie Doublie - PS 21, Bostjan Kobe - PS24


Winners:  M. Spezio, S. Armstong, J. Sakon, S. Liaw, L. Shimoni


Winners:  A. Wilkinson, H. Greiwing, K. Forest, L. Betts, A. Fisher


Winners:  S. Chacko, F. G. Whitby and C. Momany, J. Kavanaugh, S.M. Reutzel, D. Tomchick


Winners:  D.A. Adsmond, G. Zhou


Winner:  S. Lobert


Winners:  S.R. Ruberu and T.W. Panunto

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Journal of Structural Dynamics

2014  Winner:  Farzaneh Tondnevis (M21)

IUCr Poster Prize Winners


Winner:  Robert Evans III (S33)



Winner:  Oriana Fisher (S-05)



Winner: Serah Kimani (S-33)



Winner: Joyce Wong (M27)

Committee: James Kaduk, Joseph Ng, Heather Pinkett, Susan Buchanan



Winner:  Brandon Goblirsch (S-041)

Committee: David Rose, Brian Patrick, Bernie Santarsiero, and Branton Campbell



Winner: Colin McCrimmon (P-S009)



Winner: Robert Spitale (P149)



Winner:  Volodymyr Vreshch (SP209)



Winner:  Alexander Smith (M-P172) Honorable mentions Shao-Yang Ku (S-P145), Stacy Gates (M-P112) 

Committee:  David Rose, (Chair), Di Xia, Elizabeth Goldsmith, Cary Bauer, Zbigniew Dauter, Andrzej Joachimiak, John Rose, Ning Wu

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Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Poster Prize Winners


Winner:  Brian Dolinar (M41)



Winner: Miki Senda (M05)



Winner:  Yimin Mao (M-62)



Winner: Karena Chapman (M45)

Committee:  James Fettinger, Dale Swenson, Shao-Liang Zheng



Winner:Vera Vasylyeva (S-235) 

Committee: Frank Fronczek, Randy Alkire, Thomas Proffen, and Amy Sarjeant


Winner: Mark Warren (P-M068)
Committee: David Rose, Jim, Rini, Marie Fraser, Pawel Grochulski, Bill Furey


Winner: Randy Alkire (P200)
Committee: Richard Gillilan, Chair, Elspeth Garman, Henry Bellamy, Joel Harp


Winner:  Frank Fronczek (SP201)
Leif Hanson, Halkon Hope, David Rodgers and Edward Snell


  Matt Warkentin (T-P047)
Ed Collins (Chair), Bi-Cheng Wang, Annie Héroux, J.W. Pflugrath, David Garboczi, Dan Anderson


Winner:  Chae Un Kim- P015
Committee: Gloria Borgstahl (Chair), Jeff Deschamps, Travis Gallagher, Annie Heroux, Jack Tanner

2004  Winner:  Jesse L. C. Rowsell-PX231


Committee: Dick Harlow (chair) Gary Newton, Curt Haltiwanger, Mark Mashuta, Ewa Skrzypczak-Jankun.
Winner:  Zachary Stum - PPX194


Committee:  Chris Lehmann (chair), Wayne Anderson, Suzanne Fortier, Bill Montfort, Ward Smith, Robyn Stanfield
Winners:  David Cooper - PPX089, Xiangyun Qiu - PPX143  


Committee:  Simon Billinge, Michael Soltis, Anastassis Perrakkis, John Badger


Committee:  Albert Beghuis (chair), Lisa Edberg, Matt Benning, Cory Momany, Corey  Strickland
Winner:  James R. Thompson - P222


Committee:  Jon Clardy (chair), Philip Coppens, Jack Johnson
Winner:  Christopher Frampton - PS52


Committee:  Zongchao Jia (chair), Wilson Quail, Joel Harp, Steve Ginell
Winner:  Joanna Clark - P285


Committee:  Steve Ginell, (chair), Tom Terwilliger, Ravi G. Kurumbail. Sean Parkin
Winner:  Joel M. Harp - P205


Winner:  Clare Peters-Libeu

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RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize Winners


Winner:  Kimberly Stanek (S06)



Winner:  Peter Lee (M-36)



Winner:  Sergei Kalynych (M-42)

Honorable Mention:  Rebecca Goldstein (M-35)

Committee:  David Rose, Patrick Loll, Barry Finzel



Winner: Briony Yorke  M12

Committee:  Katrina Forest, John Rose, Thomas Edward



Winner: Serah Kimani (S-068) 

Honorable Mentions: Yuan Cheng (S-033), Jennifer Cash (S-322) 

Committee: Michael James, Cheryl Stevens, Bi-Cheng Wang, Eric Ortlund, and Charles Carter



Winner: Magdalena Korczynska (P-M001)

Committee: Joe Ng, John Rose, Emil Pai



Winner: Wei Yong (P126)

Committee: Robert Rose, Chair, Antonella Longo, Gloria Borgstahl, Rob McKee



Winner:  Hasan Demirci (SP003)

Committee:  Mitch Guss, Peter Horanyi, Thomas Koetzle, James Phillips, Bernie Santarsiero, Timothy Umland



Winner:  Edward Miller (S-P011), Charles Pemble (S-P069)

Committee:  Zygmunt Derewenda, (Chair), Marc Allaire, Charles Weeks, John Badger, Mariusz Jaskolski, Quan Hao



Winner:  Lisa J. Whitson- P105

Committee:  Chris Gilmore (chair), John Horton, Tom Irving, Alberto Podjarny, Jimin Wang



Winner:  Ethan Settembre - PP268


2003Winner:  Melanie Adams- P057

Committee:  Jim Pflugrath (chair),Craig Ogata, Tim Rydel, Michael Sawaya, Marilyn Yoder


2002 Winner:  Ty Adams - PP068

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Journal of Chemical Crystallography Poster Prize Winners

2014 Winner:  Sergiu Draguta (M40)


Winner: Lauren Hatcher (M-53)

Honorable Mention: Mathew Bryant (M-67)



Winner: Steffen Bernard (M-29)

Honorable Mention:  Jennifer Wierman (M-70)

Committee:  Kristin Kirschbaum, Emmanuel Skordalakes



Winner: Mayank Aggarwal (S14)

Honorable Mention:  Christopher Woodall (S31)

Committee: Khalil Abboud, Mrilyn Olmstead, Tatiana Timoeeva



Winner: Andrew Jones (S-241) 

Committee: Louise Dawe, Patrick Carroll, and Phillip Fanwick



Winner: Britt Vanchura (P-M073)

Committee: Carla Slebodnick, Amy Sarjeant, Danielle Gray, Xiaoping Want



Winner: Louise Dawe (P182)



Winner:  Julia Bruno Colmenarez  (SP191)

Committee: Jim Britten, Judith Gallucci, M. Gary Newton and Victor Young



Winner:  Christine Beavers (M-P164)

Committee: Victor Young (Chair), Doug Powell, Bruce C. Noll, Bill Ojala



Winner:  Sean A. Dalrymple (P200)

Committee:  Jim Kaduk (chair), Frank Fronczek, Victor Young

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AIP Undergraduate Research Poster Prize Winners


Winner: Jennifer Urban (S-196)

Committee: William Ojala, Tom Emge, and Katherine Kantardjieff (Chair)



Winner: Paulo Junior Carvalho (P-M098)



Winner: Brett Hanson (SP.01.06), Leslie Williams (SP.01.04)



Winner: Meg Fasulo, (SP.01.03), Justin Chartron (S-P017), Edward Miller (S-P011)


CrystEngComm Poster Prize Winners

2014 Winner:  Raul Castaneda (m31)


Winner: Sanaz Khorasani (M-13)

Honorable Mention: Sergiu Draguta (M-104)



Winner:  Bo Wang (S-56)

Committee:  Victor Young, Louise Dawe



Winners:  Debasis  Banerjee (S68), Arbin Rajbanshi (S18)


Taylor & Francis Biomolecular Crystallography Poster Prize

2014  Winner: Michelle Morris (M19)



Winner: Yu-Hua Lo (M-44)


Society of Physics Students and MiTiGen Prize

2014  Winner: Eileen Brady (S04)



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