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Structural Dynamics

Structural Dynamics is a peer-reviewed, open access, online-only journal co-published by ACA and AIP Publishing. It highlights research articles on structural determination and dynamics of systems, enabled by the emerging new instruments (e.g. XFELs, high harmonic generation, ultra-short electron sources, etc.) and new experimental and theoretical methodologies. The journal is accepting short communications, topical reviews, and research papers in the following topics: Experimental Methodologies, Theory and Modeling, Surfaces and Interfaces, Materials, Liquids and Solutions, and Biological Systems.


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The Transactions of the ACA are a series of volumes containing presentations from the Transactions Symposium at the Annual Meeting.


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P&A BookProgram & Abstract Books


View the program and complete set of abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting.  Books are available for meetings held from 1950-2009.


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Workshop NotesWorkshop Notes


View details on the topics covered during Workshops at the Annual Meeting.


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Monographs is a non-serial publication highlighting manuscripts or presentations of note in the scientific community. 


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Online ACA Publications

The following documents are available for free download.


Etter Lectures Download


The Etter Lectures are proceedings from the Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award Symposium at the 2005 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.


Crystallography Education Policies for the Physical and Life SciencesDownload


This document summarizes the crystallography education and training policies endorsed by the ACA and the United States National Committee on Crystallography (USNC/Cr). This policy document makes recommendations for a comprehensive re-evaluation of crystallography education from K-12 through post-baccalaureate education, and it suggests ways to develop an appreciation for the value of crystallographic information in the broader scientific community.


Other Resources

The following are publications available to ACA members from outside organizations.

Physics Today Magazine


Physics Today is a publication of the American Institute of Physics.  A one-year subscription is complimentary with ACA membership.  Airmail of Physics today is available for those residing outside North America only.  Foreign members may indicate if you wish to receive PT via airmail on your dues invoice or by contacting [email protected].  For more details on Physics Today, including online subscriptions, please visit AIP's Physics Today homepage.


IUCr Journals - Acta Cryst F


ACA members receive a discount on a subscription to Acta Crystallographia, a publication of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr).  To order, please contact [email protected] or include this subscription on your dues invoice.

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