Service Crystallography




Chair 2018

Jeff Bacon

Boston Univ.

590 Commonwealth Ave

Boston, MA 02150

[email protected]



Chair-elect 2018/Chair 2019

Shao-Liang Zheng

Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Bio

Harvard Univ.

12 Oxford St.

Cambridge, MA 02138

[email protected]





Secretary-Treasurer 2018-2019

Michael Takase

Beckman Inst.

California Inst. of Technology

1200 E California Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91125

[email protected]

Annual Reports


Annual reports contain information on the activities of the SIG for the year, issues addressed by the SIG members, future activity planning and any changes to the operations or constitution of the SIG.


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I. Name


The name of this organization shall be the Scientific Interest Group on Service Crystallography of the American Crystallographic Association.


II. Purpose


The purpose of this group of the American Crystallographic Association (hereafter ACA) is to further the advancement of all aspects of the application of service crystallographic techniques and to promote communication between persons interested in such techniques and results.


III. Relationship to the American Crystallographic Association


The constitution of this Group shall be consistent with the Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules of the ACA. In the event of conflict the Constitution, By-laws and Rules of the ACA shall prevail.


IV. Membership


Membership in this Group is open to all members of the ACA on application to the Secretary-Treasurer of this Scientific Interest Group and payment of the prescribed dues, if any.


V. Organization


The activities of this Group shall be administered by an Executive Committee of three officers elected by members of the Group. The officers of the Executive Committee shall be Chair, Chair-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Chair to arrange, in cooperation with the ACA Program Chair, the Scientific Interest Sessions on Service Crystallography for the ACA meetings. The Chair-Elect shall serve in a special advisory capacity to the Chair and shall act in his capacity if for any reason the Chair cannot act. The Chair-Elect shall also serve to represent the Group to the Council of the Association and to be the Group's representative on the Program Committee of ACA meetings and to perform such duties and functions on behalf of the Group as the Chairperson, may, from time to time, direct. The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall include the keeping of minutes of meetings, maintaining the membership list, reporting the activities of interest to the membership, and keeping a record of finances and expenditures of the Group in collaboration with the Treasurer of the ACA, to conduct the elections of the Group; To prepare an annual report of Group activities; To preserve and augment historical archival materials pertaining to the Group; To perform such other duties and functions on behalf of the Group as the Chairperson may, from time to time, direct. Wherever possible, all notices to the Group shall be circulated along with the Newsletter of the ACA.


The Chairperson and Chairperson-elect shall each serve as such for a term beginning on 1 January of the year next after election and serve as such for one calendar year. The Chairperson-elect shall succeed to the chair at the end of his/her term as Chairperson-elect. The Secretary/Treasurer shall serve a two year term beginning on 1 January of the year next after election. The Chair-Elect automatically succeeds to the Chairship after one year. Thus, a Chair-Elect is elected each year, and a Secretary-Treasurer is elected every two years. Vacant, unexpired terms are filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, none of who may be on the Executive Committee, to nominate candidates for election. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed and shall report its nominees to the Secretary-Treasurer by April 1. Other candidates may be nominated from the membership by petitions signed by five or more members. No persons may be regularly elected to any office of the Executive Committee for more than two consecutive terms. Elections shall take place at the same time as do ACA elections.


VI. Activities


The Executive Committee and the Group may engage in any activities consistent with the ACA Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules, which in its opinion further the purposes of the Group. These activities include, but are not restricted to, organizing a Service Crystallography half-day session, in cooperation with the ACA Program Chair, at least once every two years at an ACA meeting.


VII. Elections and Voting


All votes shall be by mail ballot. Votes shall be by a simple majority of those voting, except for votes on amendments to the Constitution (see IX.)


VIII. Dues


The Executive Committee may set dues to be charged to members of the group subject to an affirmative vote of the membership and to approval by the ACA Council. Such dues shall be collected and disbursed by the ACA Treasurer.


IX. Amendments


An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed at any time by a petition signed by 5% of the membership or 7 members, whichever is smaller, or by the Executive Committee. Amendments must be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the members voting. Votes shall be by mail ballot.