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Chair 2018

Thomas Weiss

SSRL/SLAC Stanford Univ.

2575 Sand Hill Rd MS69

Menlo Park, CA 94025

[email protected]




Chair-elect 2018/Chair 2019

Thomas Fitzgibbons

The DOW Chemical Company

1802 Winding Trail Lane

Alvin, TX 77511

[email protected]




Secretary 2018-2019

Su-Yin Wang

The Univ. of Chicago

Building 434D, 9700 South Cass Avenue

Argonne, IL 60439

[email protected]




Annual Reports


Annual reports contain information on the activities of the SIG for the year, issues addressed by the SIG members, future activity planning and any changes to the operations or constitution of the SIG.


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(With Changes Approved By Vote November 2014)



I.  Name

  The name of this group shall be The Scientific Interest Group on Small Angle Scattering (hereafter SAS,  "this group", or "the Group").


II.   Purpose

 The purpose of this group of the American Crystallographic Association (hereafter ACA) is to further the advancement of all aspects of the techniques and use of Small Angle Scattering and to provide communication between persons interested in this field.


III.  Relationship to the American Crystallographic Association

  The constitution of this group shall be consistent with the Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules of the ACA. In the event of conflict the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the ACA shall prevail


IV.  Membership & Dues

  Membership in this group is open to all members of the ACA upon application to the Secretary of the group and payment of the prescribed dues, if any.


V.  Organization

The activities of this group shall be controlled by an Executive Committee of three members elected by the members of the Group. This Committee, consisting of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary Treasurer, will carry out all of the official functions of the Group. The term of office of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary Treasurer shall each be one year, but the Chair-Elect will automatically succeed to the chairpersonship. Executive Committee shall provide two nominations for each of the two vacancies that will occur each year. No person may be elected to more than two consecutive terms as a member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may appoint a Member-at-large to a one-year term. Election shall take place at the same time and in the same manner as the ACA elections.


VI. Activities

The Executive Committee and the SAS may engage in any activities which, in their opinion, further the development of small angle scattering and which help provide communication between persons interested in this field. These activities include, but are not restricted to, publishing news in the ACA newsletter and organizing small angle scattering conferences and meetings. As specified by the ACA Council Position Statement and within the blocks of time allocated by the ACA program Chair, the Executive Committee will develop both the content and format of the SAS-sponsored scientific sessions at ACA meetings.


The duties of the Chair shall include chairing all meetings of the Group and of the Executive Committee. The Chair shall insure that the current SAS-sponsored sessions run as planned and that the appointed organizers do their jobs. The Chair-Elect shall fill in as necessary whenever the Chair cannot carry out his/her duties. With the help of the Chair-Elect and the Secretary-Treasurer, the Chair shall prepare an annual report on SAS activities for the ACA Council.


The duties of the Chair-Elect shall be to lead the effort in collecting and organizing proposed scientific session topics, names of session organizers, and nominations for SAS officers from the membership for the next year. The Chair-Elect shall also attend the official planning session of the ACA program at the end of the annual ACA meeting and provide the ACA with necessary information on proposed future sessions.


The duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall include the keeping of minutes of all meetings, maintenance of a membership list, and keeping a record of the finances and expenditures of the group.


The Member-at-large, if appointed, shall assist the Chair and Chair-Elect in an advisory capacity and may, if called upon by either the Chair or Chair-Elect, attend the ACA Council and ACA Scientific Program planning meetings.


The SAS Executive Committee will cooperate fully with the ACA program Chair in providing requested materials for the P/A book in the format and by the deadline specified by the ACA program Chair. All official action requiring a vote of the membership shall be done by mail ballots.


VII. Elections and Voting

All votes shall be by mail ballot. Votes shall be by a simple majority of those voting, except for votes on amendments to the Constitution. In any election the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be deemed elected.


VIII. Dues

The Organizing Committee may set the dues to be charged to members of the group subject to an affirmative vote of the membership and to the approval of the ACA Council. Such dues shall be collected and disbursed by the ACA Treasurer.


IX. Amendments

An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed at any time by 5% of the membership of 10 members, whichever is smaller, or by the Organizing committee. Amendments must be rectified by a 2/3 majority of the members voting. Votes shall be by mail ballot.