Light Sources SIG

(formerly Synchrotron Radiation)





Chair 2018

Ray Sierra

SLAC Stanford Univ.

2575 Sand Hill Rd MS 59

Menlo Park, CA 94025

[email protected]


Past Chair

Pawel Grochulski

Biological and Life Sciences

Canadian Light Source Inc.

44 Innovation Boulevard

Saskatoon, SK  S7N 2V3, Canada

[email protected] 



Annual Reports


Annual reports contain information on the activities of the SIG for the year, issues addressed by the SIG members, future activity planning and any changes to the operations or constitution of the SIG.


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(With amendments ratified December 2006 December 2013)



I.          NAME: The name of this group shall be The SCIENTIFIC INTEREST GROUP on Light Sources (formerly) Synchrotron Radiation.


II.        PURPOSE: The purpose of this group of the American Crystallographic Association (hereafter ACA) is to further the advancement of all aspects of synchrotron x-ray research and to promote communication between persons interested in such techniques and results.


III.        RELATIONSHIP TO THE AMERICAN CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATION: The constitution of this organization shall be consistent with the Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules of the ACA. In the event of conflict the Constitution, By-laws and Rules of the ACA shall prevail.


IV.        MEMBERSHIP: Membership in this Group is open to all members of the ACA on application to the Secretary-Treasurer of this SCIENTIFIC INTEREST GROUP and payment of the prescribed dues, if any.


V.         ORGANIZATION: The activities of this Group shall be administered by an Executive Committee of three officers elected by members of the Group.  The officers of the Executive Committee shall be Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair.  It shall be the duty of the Chair to arrange, in cooperation with the ACA Program Chair, the Special Interest Sessions on Synchrotron Radiation for the ACA meetings. The Chair-Elect shall serve in a special advisory capacity to the Chair and shall act in his capacity if for any reason the Chair cannot act. The Chair-Elect shall also serve to represent the Group to the Council of the Association and to be the Group's representative on the Program Committee of ACA meetings.  The duties of the Immediate Past Chair shall include the keeping of minutes of meetings, maintaining the membership list, reporting the activities of interest to the membership, and keeping a record of finances and expenditures of the Group in collaboration with the Treasurer of the ACA. Wherever possible, all notices to the Group shall be circulated along with the Newsletter of the ACA.


            The term of office for each officer shall be the three calendar years immediately following election.  The Chair-Elect automatically succeeds to the Chairship after one year. Thus, a Chair-Elect is elected each year. Vacant, unexpired terms are filled by appointment by the Executive Committee.


            The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three members, none of who may be on the Executive Committee, to nominate candidates for election.  The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by March 31st of each year and shall report its nominees to the Immediate Past Chair by July 31st following. Other candidates may be nominated from the membership by petitions signed by five or more members.  No persons may be regularly elected to any office of the Executive Committee for more than two consecutive terms. Elections shall take place at the same time as do ACA elections.



1.             The Chairperson

(a)          To administer the affairs of the Group

(b)          To preside at meetings of the Group and of the Executive Committee

(c)           To represent the group to the Council of the ACA and to be the group's representative on the program committee of the ACA meetings.

(d)          To serve as a consultant to the Executive Committee during the ACA meeting at which his/her term has ended.

2.             The Chairperson-Elect

(a)          To act in place of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is not present or is unable to discharge his/her duties.


            3.  Immediate Past Chair

(a)          To keep membership files

(b)          To attend to correspondence and notices of the group.  Wherever possible all notices to the Group shall be circulated along with the Newsletter of the ACA.

(c)           To keep exact records of the finances of the Group in collaboration with the Treasurer of the ACA.


            4.  The Executive

(a)          To deliberate the affairs of the Group and to cause appropriate action to be taken based upon these deliberations or as the result of a decision being taken at a Group meeting or based upon the report of an appointed committee.

(b)          To organize a session relating to some specific aspect of the Group's interest at least once every two years.  This session will be held at a regular meeting of the ACA and be organized in cooperation with the Program Chair of the meeting.

(c)           To promote any activity which, in the opinion of the Executive, furthers the purpose of the Group.

(d)          To appoint a Nominating Committee and such other committees as, from time to time, are deemed necessary.  No appointee to such a committee shall have a term of more than two years.


VII.       THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE AND NOMINATIONS FOR EXECUTIVE OFFICE: The Nominating Committees shall consist of three members. The Nominating Committee shall propose at least two people for election to each Executive Office that will fall vacant in the succeeding year. Additional nominations may be submitted from the membership by petition signed by five or more members of the Group. Nominations from the Nominating Committee shall be related in writing to the Executive before August 1st of each year.


VIII.      ACTIVITIES: The Executive Committee and the Group may engage in any activities consistent with the ACA Constitution, By-laws, and Operating Rules, which in its opinion further the purposes of the Group.  These activities include, but are not restricted to, organizing a Synchrotron Radiation half-day session, in cooperation with the ACA Program Chair, at least once every two years at an ACA meeting.


IX.       ELECTIONS & VOTING: All votes shall be by mail ballot.  Votes shall be by a simple majority of those voting, except for votes on amendments to the Constitution.  In any election the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be deemed elected.


X.         DUES: The Executive Committee may set dues to be charged to members of the group subject to an affirmative vote of the membership and to approval by the ACA Council. Such dues shall be collected and disbursed by the ACA Treasurer.


XI.       BUSINESS: A business meeting of the Group shall be held annually to coincide with one of the regular meetings of the Association.  A Quorum at a business meeting shall be one third of the membership of the Group or twenty-five members whichever is the smaller number. A simple majority of those votes shall be sufficient to pass a motion at a business meeting.


XII.      AMENDMENTS: An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed at any time by a petition signed by 5% of the membership or 7 members, whichever is smaller, or by the Executive Committee.  Amendments must be ratified by a 2/3 majority of the members voting. Votes shall be by mail ballot.