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The ACA History Project showcases and preserves the history of crystallography, X-ray diffraction, and structural science through online access, articles in ACA RefleXions quarterly magazine, and videos to our YouTube channel.


Latest Additions

Mike James is celebrating 50 years at University of Alberta.

In his 2009 Buerger Award lecture he gives some highlights from his career in protein crystallography.

Winnie Wong-Ng: Living History

Wong-Ng recalls her odyssey from China and Hong Kong to the US and Canada, finally to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where the broad scope of her research illustrates the wide variety of questions that can be answered by X-ray diffraction.

Elspeth Garman, "Travels in Protein Crystallography"

In her Fankuchen Award lecture Elspeth describes how she determined the radiation dose maximum for protein crystals as well as humorous vignettes from her career.

David Haas: Living History

David Haas describes his ground-breaking experiments with freezing crystals to decrease radiation damage, as well as his subsequent work in airport security systems.

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Our People List features information about crystallographers and scientists who use crystallography.

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