Curriculum Vitae


Jenny Pickworth Glusker


DATE:   January 2011


PLACE OF BIRTH:   Birmingham, England

                                    U. S. Citizen





          Oxford University, Oxford, England

                Chemistry (first class honors)                                        B.A.                                   1953

          Oxford University, Oxford, England

                Chemistry                                                                       M.A.                                  1957

          Oxford University, Oxford, England

                Chemistry                                                                       D.Phil.                               1957


          D.Phil. thesis title:  "Crystallographic Studies of Vitamin B12 and Related Compounds."  Supervisor:  Dr. Dorothy C. Hodgkin


          Kirkaldy Prize (Somerville) 1951

          Vernon Harcourt Scholarship and D. S. I. R. Grant, 1953 (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, England)





          Postdoctoral Research Fellow, California Institute of Technology,

                Pasadena, California                                                                                                   1955-1956

          Research Fellow, The Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA                           1956

          Research Associate, The Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA                      1957-1967

          Assistant Member, The Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA                        1967

          Associate Member, The Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA

                (Member, 1977 to 1979)                                                                                             1967-1979

          Senior Member, The Institute for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA                             1979-2003

          Senior Member Emeritus (now Professor Emeritus) The Institute for

                Cancer Research, Philadelphia, PA                                                                             2003-date

          Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania,

                Philadelphia, PA (1980 to date) plus earlier affiliated appointments                          1969-date





          Sigma Xi

          American Chemical Society

          American Crystallographic Association

          American Physical Society

          American Association for the Advancement of Science

          The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

          American Association for Cancer Research

          Society of Crystallographers in Australia

          The Protein Society

          British Crystallographic Association

          Royal Society of Chemistry (Member 2001)





          University of Pennsylvania, Biophysics Graduate Group                                        1968 to date


          Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

                PCS Advisory Board (external advisory committee for the

                      DOE BER program and scientific advisory panel for beam

                      time allocation)                                                                                            2006 to date

                LANSCE Users Group (LUG) Executive Committee                                       2007 thru 2008

          (LANSCE = Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, PCS = Protein Crystallography Station)


          American Crystallographic Association

                Nominating Committee Member                                                                       1972, 1981

                Program Chairman, American Crystallographic Association

                      Meeting, Pennsylvania State University, August 19-23                               1974

                Editor, A.C.A. Newsletter, January 1, 1975 -1990                                             1975-1990

                Vice President                                                                                                     1978

                President                                                                                                             1979

                Past President                                                                                                     1980


          National Institutes of Health

                Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry A Study Section,

                      (July 1, 1972 - June 30, 1976)                                                                     1972 thru 1976

                Biotechnology Resources Review Committee, Division of

                      Research Resources (July 1, 1977 - June 30, 1980)

                      (Chairman 1979-1980)                                                                                1977 thru 1980

                Metallobiochemistry Study Section (July 1983 - June 1987)                           1983 thru 1987

                      (also ad-1993 hoc member, June 1983)                                                       1983

                National Advisory Research Resources Council

                      (ad hoc member, June 1983)                                                                       1983

                Pharmacology Study Section (adhoc member, June 1984)                               1984

                Division of Research Grants Advisory Committee                                           1989 to 1992

                Research Resources Council                                                                             1995 to 1999


          U.S. National Committee for Crystallography

                Member, January 1, 1974 - December 31, 1976                                                1974 thru 1976

                Secretary-Treasurer, January 1, 1977 - December 31, 1979                              1977 thru 1979

                Member, January 1 - December 31, 1980                                                          1980

                Chairman, January 1, 1982 - December 31, 1984                                              1982 thru 1984

                Member, January 1, 1988 - December 31, 1990                                                1988 thru 1990


National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences

                Panel on Research Associateships,                Chemistry                                    1975

                                                                                      Life Sciences                                1976


          American Institute of Physics

                Governing Board, A.C.A. Representative                                                          1976-1979

                Advisory Committee, "Physics Today," Appt. 1977-1980                                 1977 thru 1980

                      (Chairman, 1979-1980)

                Director-at-Large, Governing Board                                                                  1980 thru 1983

                Executive Committee, Governing Board                                                           1981-1982

                Member, Advisory Committee for the History of Physics                                 2003-2005


          International Union of Crystallography

                Commission on Crystallographic Teaching

                      Consultant 1978-1981, 1981-1984, 1993 to date                                        1978-1984

                      Member and Secretary 1984-1987                                                              1984-1987

                      Chairman 1987-1990, 1990-1993                                                               1987-1993

                Commission on Crystallographic Nomenclature                                              1990-1996

                U.S. Delegate, International Union of Crystallography Meeting

                      Warsaw, Poland                                                                                           1978

                      Ottawa, Canada                                                                                           1981

                      Hamburg, Germany (Chairman of U.S. Delegation)                                  1984

                      Perth, Australia                                                                                           1987

                      Bordeaux, France                                                                                        1990

                Chairman, Summer School in Crystallography, IUCr Teaching

                      Commission, Tianjin, China, September 1988                                            1988

                Chairman and Organizer, Winter School in Crystallography,

                      IUCr Teaching Commission, Bangkok, Thailand,                                       1990

                      February 1990

                IUCr/OUP Bookseries Committee, International Union of Crystallography     1987 - 1996


          International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)

                Committee on the Teaching of Science                                                              1991 to 1993


          Council of Scientific Society Presidents, Member                                                   1978 thru 1980


          Selection Committees

                Member, Selection Committee, Philadelphia Section Award,

                      American Chemical Society                                                                         1980 thru 1982

                Member, Selection Committee, Garvan Medal,

                      American Chemical Society                                                                         1982 thru 1985

                Member, Fankuchen Award Committee,

                      American Crystallographic Association                                                       1988

                Chairman, Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee

                      for Pennsylvania                                                                                           1984-1989

                Chairman, Patterson Award Committee,

                      American Crystallographic Association                                                       1996

                Chairman, Buerger Award Committee, American

                      Crystallographic Association                                                                        1999

                Member, Trueblood Award Committee, American

                      Crystallographic Association                                                                        2003

                Member of a Selection Committee,

                      American Chemical Society (committee name confidential)                       2003-2004


          Editorships and Editorial Boards

                Member, Editorial Board, "Biophysical Journal"

                      Appts. 1981 thru 1983, 1984 thru 1986                                                       1981 thru 1986

                Member, Editorial Advisory Board, "Accounts of Chemical

                      Research", Appt. 1982 thru 1984, 1985 thru 1987                                      1982 thru 1987

                Joint American Co-editor, "Acta Crystallographica"                                        1987-1995

                Member, Editorial Board "Structural Chemistry"                                             1988-2005

                Member, Editorial Board "Receptor"                                                                1989-2000

                Editor, "Acta Crystallographica D," Biological Crystallography                     1991-2003

                      Co-editor of Tenth Anniversary issue                                                         2003

                Member, Editorial Board, "Vitamins and Hormones"                                      1993-2002


          Chairman, Computer Graphics Laboratory Advisory Committee,

                University of California, San Francisco                                                            1988 to date

                (Member 1985 - 1988)


          Governing Board Member, Cambridge Structural Data Base,

                Cambridge, U.K., 1988 to 2001                                                                        1988-2001

                Vice-Chairman, 1999 to 2001


          Review Committees for American Cancer Society, Damon Runyon,

                and Veterans Administration


          Organizer and Chairman, "Asian Region Seminar in Crystallography in Molecular Biology"

                Madras, India, December 9-14, 1993


          Co-organizer (with C. E. Bugg), Conference on "Structure-Based Drug Design"

                Panama City Beach, Florida, April 22-25, 1994


          Director, Workshop on "X-ray Crystallography" at the 13th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, August 4-6, 1994


          Co-organizer (with T. Mak), Summer School on Crystallography, The Chinese University of

                Hong Kong, Hong Kong, June 19-30, 1995


          Lecturer (by invitation), American Crystallographic Association Summer Course in Crystallography, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, July 12-24, 1999, and June 8-20, 2001, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, July 25 - August 4, 2004,  July 10-19, 2006, July 7-16, 2008, June 22 - July 1, 2009,  June 21-30, 2010, and Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, July 9-18, 2007.  Invited for 2011.


E.       HONORS


          Rosa Briegel Barton Lectureship, University of Oklahoma                                     1968

          Philadelphia Section Award, American Chemical Society                                       1978

          Garvan Medal, American Chemical Society                                                             1979

          Philips Lectureship, Haverford College, Haverford, PA                                           1983

          Who's Who in Technology                                                                                        1984

          Honorary D.Sc., College of Wooster, Ohio                                                               1985

          Public Service Award, American Crystallographic Association                               1991

          Visiting Fellowship, Oriel College, Oxford, England                                               1994-1995

          Hassel Memorial Lecture, Oslo, Norway                                                                  1995

          Fankuchen Award, American Crystallographic Association                                     1995

          Visiting Professorship, International Union of Crystallography.                               1997

                  Suez Canal University, Ishmailia, Egypt

          Who's Who in America, of American Women, in the East, in Science and              1998 to date


          Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science                     1999

          Honorary Fellowship, Somerville College, Oxford, England (lifetime)                    2001 to date

          Who's Who in the World                                                                                            2002 to date

          Visiting Professorship, International Union of Crystallography.                               2006

                  Kayseri University, Turkey