"I miss the old days, when nearly every problem in X-ray crystallography was a puzzle that could be solved only by much thinking."


Pauling, Linus. "X-Ray Crystallography and the Nature of the Chemical Bond"


A website, not only provides information on an association's history, but also shares with the world, their purpose for the future.  The American Crystallographic Association, Inc. is a non-profit, scientific organization of over a thousand members from all over the globe with one singular goal: to promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic (or near atomic) resolution. 


Over the years our website and member management system had become stale and failed to encourage community interaction.   The ACA listened to the concerns of its members and individuals in the crystallographic community and, it is with great excitement that the ACA's announces the launch of its redesigned website and member management system. 


The ACA expects that the new website to be live in late October of 2018 (which will allow our members to log in, update their information and renew their membership for 2019). 


The ACA is committed to providing educational and research experiences to students and young scientists, and by supporting life-long learning and career development. The new website reinforces the ACA's commitment to advance, promote and preserve crystallography, structural science, and allied disciplines for the benefit of humankind. 




*       The modernized user interface provides an enhanced experience, allowing members, visitors and prospects to easily find crystallographic information.  


*       The new membership portal will allow access to personalized member accounts where members can tailor their ACA web experience. 


*       Visitors will be able to easily navigate the programs, opportunities and partnerships that make the ACA accessible to the world. 



Check back to see the latest updates and find out about the launch of the new site! 







Contact the ACA:

Kristin H. Stevens

Director of Administrative Services

[email protected]



Will all of the content on the current website be available on the new website?



Yes! All of the pages, including the history portal, have been imported to the new site. 


It is the ACA's intent to continue to provide access to crystallographic information and resources to the everyone.  The information has been imported to the new site, just reorganized.      





I am a member and would like to pay my membership dues for 2019.  Will there be instructions on how to do so? 



Yes! Information about logging into your account for the first time will be circulated to members very soon. 


As a member, through the new website, you will be able to manage your contact information and security/communication preferences. 





I am a current member that has provided credit card information to pay for dues for future years.  Will I have to give my credit card information again?



Yes. The new system will now automatically charge your card instead of relying on ACA HQ's to manually track and run those who have elected to pay for future years.  Anyone who has prepaid dues or is set for reoccurring billing will be receiving an email in the near future with instructions and details regarding future billing. 





I am not a member but would like to join.  How do I go about obtaining a membership?


The new website will be up and running to register new members within the next few weeks.  In the meantime please feel free to use the old system or contact ACA HQ for assistance. 




Who do I contact for help with the new site?


ACA HQ is ready and waiting to help all of our members with any questions or difficulties you may experience while using the new website.