Join in for the 1st Annual #ACAHeroImage Contest!

With the launch of the ACA's new website we are excited to announce the 1st Annual #ACAHeroImage Contest.  Each year the ACA will need three (3) images to be displayed on the ACA's homepage.  It is the ACA's hope to share our society's discoveries, educational endeavors and crystals with the world!  We are looking to find the first three (3) images to be displayed on our homepage in the hero image area. 


What is a Hero Image?


In web design, a hero image is a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center. The hero image is often the first visual element a visitor encounters on the site with the purpose of presenting an overview of the content and of enticing visitors.


Larger than the other images displayed on that page, the hero image is usually placed above the fold, in the center of the page, and takes the majority of the space. The hero image can be a single image (banner) or a series of images (carousel images). 


What are the specifications?


A submitted photo/image should be available in high resolution and should be 2000x400 px.


How to Enter:


Submit your original image on twitter using the #ACAHeroImage hashtag, between September 10, 2018 and December 1, 2018.  The images need exemplify some aspect of crystallography or structural science (crystals, structures, models and/or samples).  This can also include crystallography in the community. We welcome photos of society outreach activities and educational events. 


Contest Details:


Contest Begins:                                   September 10, 2018

Contest Closes:                                   December 1, 2018

Winners Notified and Announced:     December 14, 2018




1.    Limit one (1) entry per person.  


2.    The submitting author/photographer should be a current ACA member.  Only ACA members are eligible to participate and membership will be verified by HQ.  


3.    Images will be accepted only from the original author/photographer who must be the sole author/photographer and the owner of the copyright for image submitted.


4.    Entries containing inappropriate content will not be considered.


5.    Only entries tweeted, with the #ACAHeroImage hashtag, between September 10, 2018 and December 1, 2018 will be considered. 


6.    Entries with no images, without the #ACAHeroImage hashtag, or with only links to other sites with pictures will not be considered.


7.    Tweets that are "lost" due to failure to include the hashtag or misspelling of the hashtag will not be considered for judging. 


8.    A successful entry must exemplify some aspect of crystallography or structural science (crystals, structures, models, samples, outreach.). The tweet can contain any other text, hashtags, mentions or links that the poster feels are appropriate.


9.    By entering, you grant the ACA permission to use your photo in perpetuity in any medium, including to edit, publish, distribute and republish it in any form.


10.  Upon notification of being a winning entry the author/photographer agrees to forward the original photo to ACA headquarters via email (or any other requested medium) for inclusion on the ACA's website and execute any and all documentation in order to effectuate same. The author/photographer agrees to cooperate in providing the ACA with the best quality image available. 


11.  The ACA reserves the right to cancel the contest without warning and without compensation to individuals who have entered.




Judging will take place by the ACA Council at their discretion, and is based on content and quality of photo.  The decision of the ACA Council is final. 


Winning Notification:


The three (3) winners will be contacted by the ACA via twitter message from @ACAxtal on or after December 14, 2018.   




1.    The top three author/photographers will have their image included on the ACA's new homepage in the hero image area at the discretion of the ACA. 


2.    The top five (5) entries will be published in RefleXions.


The ACA reserves the right to use pictures, images and text included in tweets with the #ACAHeroImage hashtag in our promotional materials in print, on-line and in presentations without further permission from the author/photographer or account owner of the tweet.