"I especially enjoyed the poster session which allowed me to present my data and get very insightful feedback from others. It also provided a perfect opportunity to learn about research in other labs and to interact with students and post-docs from a variety of scientific backgrounds."

"I was...grateful for the opportunity to present my work and meet with many colleagues who gave advice in planning the next phase of my career. It gave me a chance to meet with various vendors before I begin setting up my new lab."

"As a graduate student, I enjoyed the YSSIG mixer as well as the Mentor/Mentee dinner, which provided a great forum to meet prominent individuals in both the small molecule and macromolecular fields. More than anything, I enjoyed the opportunity to reunite with old acquaintances as well as make new ones."

"The conference was everything I had imagined only better...There were many invigorating talks, and so many people exited about their work. Every day of the conference held its own possibilities of networking, learning and growing as a crystallographer. During my poster session, I shared my work with many interested attendees. It was exhilarating to tell my story and to get feedback from many distinguished people."

"This was my first conference and experience was invaluable and will undoubtedly help me decide on future directions for my PhD project as well as for my long-term career. "

"I had the opportunity to discuss my poster presentation in the presence of some professors who took great interest in what I was talking about. I actually met with a professor from the University of Florida, Gainesville...who after listening to my presentation and finding out I got a Pauling poster prize, promised me a position in his chemistry department and called me "a future graduate student of that University."

"This was the first conference of any kind that I have been to where I thought that the people that I met would be with me for years to come. They would be my future colleagues, collaborators, competitors, business associates,and friends.It was nice to feel like part of a real community,and I'd like to thank the ACA for making it possible for me. See you next year!"