ACA Workshop, Session & Fundraising Information

The ACA truly values its members and meeting attendees but another important component is the assistance and support of our sponsors. Sponsorship can take many forms and can be a very mutually beneficial relationship.  

Corporate membership is a foundational component to the ACA.   Not only do ACA corporate members get discounts on publications, advertising opportunities and booth rentals but the ACA is a great way to connect to students and scientists at all levels in their careers.  Do you think your employer or supplier might be a good fit with the ACA?  Let us know!  

As a workshop organizer, session chair or even just a individual member, it is YOU that are aware of the products and services useful to today's crystallographers and that could make great sponsors of the ACA meeting.  

Questions?  HQ is always here to help - contact us!  




Interested in participating as a session chair or have an idea for a session?  Contact the appropriate SIG Chair and let them know you are interested!  

If you are a current session chair interested in fundraising for your session check our the article on fundraising for the ACA




ACA Workshops are organized every year in conjunction with the annual ACA Meeting and are generally held on the prior to the commencement of the ACA Meeting sessions. For an applicant to organize/host such a workshop certain requirements must be met.  Please download the ACA Workshop Proposal Instructions.  Applicants are encouraged to also check the ACA homepage for any changes or additional requirements prior to proposal submission. 


2022 Estimated Costs for Budget
Item Cost Per
Room Provided by ACA
Coffee & Tea $100 Per Gallon*
Boxed Lunch $50 Per Person*
AV (Microphone, screen, speaker) $1,500
Electrical $1,000
Room Night Cost $219*
Registration TBA
*All food, beverage, room rental and audio/visual equipment pricing are subject to a 25% hotel service charge. There is currently no Oregon sales tax


Workshop proposals need to be submitted to ACA Headquarters by September 1st of each year. Once collected they are evaluated by the Education Committee and the ACA Council. Council will then advise the organizers of the acceptability of the proposal and, if approved, forward any budget recommendations/requirements from the Treasurer.


Have any questions or comments on the workshop approval process?  Always feel free to contact ACA HQ.