ACA Beginnings




Meetings of ASXRED, CSA, and ACA, 1941-57




 Meetings, 1941-1956




1941    July 28-August 4        Gibson Island, Maryland

            December 30-31          Joint meeting with Mineralogical Society of America, Boston, Mass.


1942    July 27-August 31      Gibson Island, Maryland


1943    January 23                  Joint meeting with American Physical Society, Columbia Univ., New York, N. Y.

            June 7-11                    Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.


1944    August 21-25              Gibson Island, Maryland


1945    October 1-4                 Lake Geneva, Wisconsin[i]


1946    June 10-14                  Lake George, N. Y.

            December 5-7              Joint meeting with Electron Microscope Soc., Pittsburgh, Pa.


1947    June 23-26                  Ste. Marguerite, Quebec, Canada[ii]


1948    March 31-April 3       Joint meeting with. C.S.A. at Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn.[iii]

            December 16-18          Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio[iv]


1949    June 23-25                  Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.

            December 1-3              Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.





1946    March 21-23               Smith College, Northampton. Mass. See Am. Mineral, 31, 508 (1946)


1947    March 19-21               U.S. Naval Academy Postgraduate School, Annapolis, Md. See Am. Mineral. 32, 684 (1947)


1948    March 31-April 3       Joint meeting with ASXRED at Yale Univ., New Haven, Conn. See Am. Mineral. 33, 749 (1948)


1949    April 7-9                     Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.[v] See Am. Mineral. 35, 122 (l950)





1950    April 10-12                 Penn. State College, State College, Pa.[vi]

            August 21-26              New Hampton, N. H.[vii]


1951    February 15-17           National Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C.[viii]

            October 24-26             Hotels Sherman and Morrison, Chicago, Ill.


1952    June 16-20                  Camp Tamiment, Tamiment, Pa.[ix]


1953    June 22-26                  Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.


1954    April 5-9                     Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass.

            November 3-5             Joint meeting with Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa.


1955    April 11-13                 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, N. Y.[x]

            June 27-July 2            California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif.


1956    June 10-15                  French Lick, Indiana[xi]


1957    Fall                              Joint meeting to be held with Pittsburgh Diffraction Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa.


Excerpted from: Wood, Elizabeth and William Parrish, Norelco Reporter 4, 48, 1957.





[i] Symposium on apparatus, experimental techniques and gadgets.

[ii] Symposium on Geiger counters in X-ray diffraction apparatus (design, chemical analysis, applications to metals and intensity measurements).

[iii] Symposium on organic structures (computational methods and organic structure determination).

[iv] Symposium on identification of materials by crystallographic means.

[v] Symposium on twinning.

[vi] Computer and phase determination conference.

[vii] Full day program of invited papers on solid state physics.

[viii] Symposium on structure methods. Fiftieth anniversary of the founding of National Bureau of Standards.

[ix] Three symposia: proteins, small angle scattering, twinning and related topics.

[x] Invited long papers on X-ray analytical technique. Centenary of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

[xi] Symposium marking the l0th anniversary of neutron diffraction.