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Crystallography and structural science have been and continue to be on the forefront of major discoveries in the life sciences, medicinal chemistry, and materials science. The American Crystallographic Association, Inc. (ACA) is the home for over 1,000 structural scientists all over the world who are united by the common purpose to “promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic (or near atomic) resolution”.  

The annual ACA membership renewal period for 2022 is open and new members are always welcome to join!   Annual dues allow us to share our scientific passions and accomplishments through different approaches, including the annual conference, publications and educational outreach.  

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Without the continued support from our members the ACA could not continue to exist. Not only do your donations help the ACA operate on a day-to-day basis but they support our publications as well as educational and outreach activities. Opportunities to add donations onto your dues are included when you renew or join.  

Communications Committee Initiative

During the ACA Annual Meeting 2021 the Communications Committee an initiative to find young scientists who are up and coming in the ACA community. Read about the first class of young scientists that caught our eye...


The 71st ACA Annual Meeting: Abstract Archive Now Available!  

Scientists interested in molecular and materials structure with specialties in biology, chemistry, geosciences, materials science and more will converge virtually for the 71st Annual Meeting of the ACA. The theme for the 2021 meeting is “Structural Science Awakens,” which celebrates the ACA’s new tagline “The Structural Science Society.” Scientific sessions and workshops will highlight new developments in single-crystal and powder diffraction, scattering, cryo-EM, micro-electron diffraction, and advanced capabilities at national x-ray, neutron, and EM facilities.

Past Meeting Statistics & Abstract Archive
Poster Prize Winners
Etter Award Winners

Since 2017, the ACA's partnership with the IUCr has allowed the ACA to archive all abstracts from the annual meeting in Acta Crystallographica Section A.  



Membership in the ACA is open to any person who is actively interested in the purposes of the Association. The ACA welcomes everyone from students to retirees. All of our members contribute to the life and vigor of the Association.

Your membership helps the ACA share our scientific passions and accomplishments through different approaches, including the annual conference, our publications and educational outreach.

The ACA was established to connect scientists and anyone interested in crystallography and the ACA strives to continue to reach that goal today. As we progress forward the ACA remembers and memorializes our past crystallographic discoveries and achievements. It is with our history and achievements that the ACA hopes to inspire future generations of explorers, scientists and crystallographers.

As a student, let the ACA inspire you to dive into physics, math and chemistry. As a grad or undergrad let the ACA help you establish your professional network. Regular members share research, accomplishments and curate industry connections. Retired members help remember our history and encourage future crystallographers.


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The ACA truly appreciates our corporate members.  It is only with your support that we can do what we can pursue our mission. 

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Now Available: Winter 2021 Issue of RefleXions

72nd ACA Annual Meeting

The ACA Meeting is an annual event providing scientists from a wide variety of backgrounds the opportunity to exchange cutting edge ideas and techniques in multiple areas of research. Each meeting highlights various aspects of crystallography and demonstrates their significance to the greater scientific community. More details coming soon!  

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Tentative Schedule:
Workshops & Opening Reception: Friday, July 29, 2022
Sessions Day One: Saturday, July 30, 2022
Sessions Day Two: Sunday, July 31, 2022
Sessions Day Three: Monday, August 1, 2022
Sessions Day Four & Banquet: Tuesday, August 2, 2022


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