A Golden Future for Structural Science

We are thrilled to announce the 74th Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, set to take place in the bustling city of Denver, Colorado, from July 7-12, 2024. This year's theme, "A Golden Future for Structural Science," reflects our commitment to exploring the limitless potential and advancements in the field of structural science. Join us for a week filled with insightful discussions, cutting-edge research presentations, and valuable networking opportunities. We are honored to have Professor Catherine Drennan as our distinguished keynote speaker, renowned for her outstanding contributions to structural biology (and creator of the banner image above). Her expertise and vision will undoubtedly inspire and shape the dialogue surrounding the promising future of structural science. Don't miss the chance to be part of this exceptional gathering where the brightest minds in structural science will come together to forge new paths and envision the golden possibilities ahead.

June/July AVL Contest Announced!  

Data collection and data analysis for single crystal, cryoEM, NMR, pair distribution analysis, or powder diffraction techniques  Details about the contest can be found on the AVL page.

All ACA Members are invited to submit videos related to the topic below:

"Determining Atomic Structures" 
Videos can be as simple as a few minutes of talking over a slide presentation, or as complex as a molecular animation.  Submissions entered before July 31, 2024 will receive a $100 (USD) prize.  The top two videos will receive $500 (USD)  award.


2024 Etter Award Winners Announced! 

Congratulations to the 2024 winners of the Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Awards from the ACA's 74th Annual Annual Meeting! These awards, named in honor of the esteemed crystallographer Margaret C. Etter, recognize outstanding student speakers whose research demonstrates exceptional quality and promise in the field of crystallography. By providing a platform for these students to present their work to the structural science community, the awards not only acknowledge their achievements but also support their professional development and encourage their continued contributions to the field. We applaud the winners for their remarkable accomplishments and look forward to their future successes in the field of crystallography.


RefleXions Spring 2024

The Spring 2024 issue of RefleXions is now available and features the ACA's 2024 Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award winner, Benjamin Frandsen, a remembrance of Clifford Dean Mol and the 2024 leadership team. 

Annual SIG Meetings Announced!  

We are excited to announce that our annual Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings have been scheduled. All members are invited to attend the meetings for their respective SIGs, as well as any other SIGs of interest.  Make sure to sign into your ACA account and then check out the June calendar for the dates/times and join information.  

While specific agendas may vary, each SIG meeting will generally cover:

  • Review of the past year's activities
  • Discussion of plans for the upcoming annual meeting
  • Call for new officers

Interested in Running for a SIG Officer Position?
Contact your SIG leadership to express your interest.


Call for Volunteers!

Volunteering for the ACA offers numerous benefits including the opportunity to contribute actively to the field's advancement, network with professionals, and develop valuable skills such as leadership and communication. Volunteering also provides a sense of fulfillment and pride in supporting a community dedicated to advancing science and the ACA needs YOU!

The ACA is currently looking for volunteers for the following roles:

RefleXions:  We are currently seeking an interested member to be an editor of our quarterly newsletter.  More information can be provided to seriously interested candidates but this position would be responsible for collecting, organizing and designing two issues per year.  Interested?  Let us know!

History Portal: The History Portal is a well established initiative of the ACA and is incredibly important to our membership.  We are currently seeking a member interested in the history of the ACA, the history of structural science and interest in preserving current people and events for the future.  Interested?  Let us know!