2022 Election Results

The results are in! Our appreciation goes out to all who participated in this year's election. All terms begin January 1, 2023 - Congrats to all!

ACA2022: On Demand Content

We are pleased to announce that the on-demand portion of the ACA2022 Annual Conference is now available for viewing. This additional benefit is available to all conference attendees, as well as ACA members who purchase an all access pass.  


The ACA Education & Literacy Planning Committees Video Initiative

ACA is collecting videos to promote and develop crystallographic and 3DEM literacy in the classroom and beyond.  Find out more....



Crystallography and structural science have been and continue to be on the forefront of major discoveries in the life sciences, medicinal chemistry, and materials science. The American Crystallographic Association, Inc. (ACA) is the home for over 1,000 structural scientists all over the world who are united by the common purpose to “promote interactions among scientists who study the structure of matter at atomic (or near atomic) resolution”.

Membership in the ACA is open to any person who is actively interested in the purposes of the Association. The ACA welcomes everyone from students to retirees. All of our members contribute to the life and vigor of the Association.  Read about all of the benefits that an ACA membership can bring to you...

Fall Issue of RefleXions

The Fall issue of RefleXions is now available... 

  • Cora Lind-Kovacs: Medal Winner!
  • The End of an Era at NIST
  • History Project Update


Dues & Renewals

The annual ACA membership renewal period for 2023 will start on October 30, 2022! Annual dues allow us to share our scientific passions and accomplishments through different approaches, including the annual conference, publications and educational outreach.  

Enroll in the Automatic Renewal Program to rest assured that your ACA membership will always be current and that you will continue to receive your member benefits uninterrupted.  If you would like to enroll or change your automatic renewal status, please contact ACA Membership Coordinator Kristina Vitale.


Education & Outreach

Crystal growing competitions are wonderful events that get kids excited about science.  We are proud to support a number of crystal growing competitions around the US.  Find out more...

(pictured above: STARS Teammates from the Cobb County Crystal Growing Competition)