Gabrielle Donnay (1920-1987)











The mineral donnayite was named in honor of Gabrielle Donnay and Joseph Donnay.
















A Women's Symposium was held in honor of Gabrielle Donnay 

at the 1986 ACA meeting at McMaster University. 

Gay is in the first row in the yellow dress.


In front, Judy Flippen-Anderson. First row, left to right: Helen Berman, Connie Chidester, 

Norma Duke, Gabrielle Donnay, Suzanne Fortier, Carol Brock, Jane Griffin, Kay Onan. 

Second row: Jenny Glusker; Ann Glusker; uk; Martha Teeter; uk behind; uk in front; 

Miriam Rossi; uk; Penny Codding; Virginia Pett; Kim Watson; Marie Fraser; uk. 

(The notation "uk" means unknown. If you can identify these people, please contact Virginia Pett.)