Council Appointees & Association Representatives

Council appointees and representatives play a crucial role in shaping the organization. These individuals are selected or elected to represent the interests, concerns, and diverse perspectives of their constituents. Council appointees, often chosen based on their expertise, experience, or dedication to public service, contribute valuable insights to policy discussions and strategic planning. Representatives, advocate for the needs of the association, bridging the gap between the ACA and outside groups. These appointees and representatives are instrumental in fostering effective communication, fostering collaboration, and working towards the common good of the association. Their commitment to the ACA reflects a shared goal of creating a better, more inclusive, and responsive organization.  

RefleXions Editor:

Paul Swepston


Virginia Pett


Member of AIP Publishing’s Board of Managers & Publishing Partnerships Committee:

Thomas Koetzle


Member of AIP Publishing’s Publishing Partnerships Committee:

Charles Carter


ACA Member of the AIP Board of Directors:

Lisa Keefe


ACA Representative to the AIP Liaison Committee on Underrepresented Minorities (LCURM): 

Alice Thwin


 ACA Representative to the AIP Liaison Committee on History (LCH):

Miriam Rossi

(Term Ending 2023)


 ACA Representative to the AIP Liaison Committee on Public Policy (LCPP):

Steven Sheriff

(Term Ending 2024)


ACA Representative to the AIP Liaison Committee on Education (LCED):

Karen Glass

(Term Ending 2024)

Structural Dynamics Editor-in-Chief:

George N. Phillips, Jr.

Structural Dynamics Board of Managers:

John R. Helliwell

Joseph Ferrara

Penelope Lewis