Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Awards 2022

Named in honor Professor Margaret C. Etter (pictured),each Scientific Interest Group (SIG) and the Canadian Division have the opportunity to invite one student to receive an award and to present a lecture in one of the sessions organized by that SIG. Selections are based upon submitted abstracts and are independent of whether the student presenter originally requested an oral or poster presentation. Award winners are determined by the elected officers of the SIGs. Students who accept the invitation will receive a monetary award of $250, which is independent of any requests for support via the ACA Travel Awards.  

We are proud to announce the following recipients of the 2022 ACA Etter Student Lecturer Awards:

Nominating SIG: Light Sources
Awardee: Daniel Haskel
Session: 1.1.1 Emergent phenomena through high pressure, low temperature, high field, and other extreme conditions
Nominating SIG: Young Scientist
Awardee: Barrett Powell
Session: 1.2.4 Machine learning in cryo-EM
Nominating SIG: Neutron
Awardee: Sreya Paladugu
Session: 2.1.1 New developments for operando and in situ diffraction
Nominating SIG: Canadian
Awardee: Nicole Fraser
Session: 2.2.1 Random Walks in ML
Nominating SIG: Fiber
Awardee: Morgan Walker
Session: 2.2.3 Structural science of infectious disease
Nominating SIG: Materials
Awardee: Taylor Keller
Session: 3.1.4 Open exchanges in crystallographic education
Nominating SIG: Industrial
Awardee: Michael Cato
Title: Structure-guided development of small molecule modulators of nuclear receptor LRH-1
Session: 3.2.2 Fragment Based Drug Discovery
Nominating SIG: Powder
Awardee: Kara Zielinski
Session: 3.2.3 Time-resolved Structural Dynamics
Nominating SIG: Best Practices
Awardee: Audrey Burnim
Session: 3.2.5 Hot structures
Nominating SIG: Biological Macromolecules
Awardee: Verna Van
Session: 3.2.5 Hot Structures
Nominating SIG: CryoEM
Awardee: Madison Kennedy
Session: 3.2.5 Hot structures
Nominating SIG: Service
Awardee: Michael Aristov
Session: 4.1.4 Remembering Carroll K. Johnson: Structure Visualization from ORTEP and Beyond
Nominating SIG: Small Angle Scattering
Awardee: William Kimball
Session: 4.2.2 Phase separation and aggregation of bimolecular systems and intrinsically disordered proteins
Nominating SIG: Small Molecule
Awardee: Peter Mpaata
Session: 4.2.3 Cool Structures