Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Awards 2021

Each Scientific Interest Group (SIG) and the Canadian Division have the opportunity to invite one student to receive an award and to present a lecture in one of the sessions organized by that SIG. Selections are based upon submitted abstracts and are independent of whether the student presenter originally requested an oral or poster presentation. Award winners are determined by the elected officers of the SIGs. Students who accept the invitation will receive a monetary award of $250, which is independent of any requests for support via the ACA Travel Awards.


Title: Applications of Microfluidic Mixers for Time-Resolved SAXS and Crystallography Experiments

Author: Kara Zielinski

Presented In: 2.1.4 Frontiers in SAS


Title: Structurally investigating a niche pathway for chemical reversal of proline hydroxylation in the pathogen C. difficile

Author: Lindsey Backman

Presented In: 4.1.5 Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases


Title: Advances in modelling continuous heterogeneity from single particle cryo-EM data

Author: Ali Punjani

Presented In: 2.1.3 Latest software developments in cryo-EM


Title: Advances in heterogeneous reconstruction with cryoDRGN

Author: Ellen Zhong

Presented In: 2.1.3 Latest software developments in cryo-EM



Title: Structure based design of degraders

Author: Radoslaw Nowak

Presented In: 3.2.3 Evolution and Impact of Targeted Protein Degradation in Industry



Title: Protein synchronization methods and considerations: light activation and rapid mixing

Author: Diana Monteiro

Presented In: 1.2.1 Instrumentation for Time-Resolved Experiments


Title: Exploring aliovalent substitutions in the lithium halide superionic conductor Li3-xIn1-xZrxCl6 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5)

Author: Bianca Helm

Presented In: 1.2.2 Materials for Sustainability and Energy


  Title: Centers of Spatial and Time Inversion Symmetry in Magnetoelectric Crystalline Materials

Author: Stephanie Gnewuch

Presented In: 2.1.4 Magnetic Structure Determination: Advances and Applications



Title:  Elucidating Ionic Mobility in Multivalent Spinel Oxides

Author: Megan Murphy

Presented In: 1.1.4 Total Scattering: New Insights in Condensed Matter


Title: Avoiding Sample Collisions with Puck Visualization for MX

Author: Samuel Clark



Title: Classification of tissue variations in X-ray scanning microdiffraction from thin sections of human brain

Author:  Abdullah Al Bashit

Presented In: 4.1.1 BioWAXS: experiment and interpretation



Title: Understanding Intermetallic Intergrowths and Reactivity: Chemical Pressure-Driven Epitaxy Between Domain Interfaces

Author: Kyana Sanders

Presented In: 4.1.2 Cool Structures



Title: The TELSAM Protein Polymer significantly Improves the Speed of Crystallization of target proteins

Author: Sara Soleimani

Presented In: 1.1.1 General Interest