Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Awards 2024

Named in honor Professor Margaret C. Etter (pictured),each Scientific Interest Group (SIG) and the Canadian Division have the opportunity to invite one student to receive an award and to present a lecture in one of the sessions organized by that SIG. Selections are based upon submitted abstracts and are independent of whether the student presenter originally requested an oral or poster presentation. Award winners are determined by the elected officers of the SIGs. Students who accept the invitation will receive a monetary award of $250, which is independent of any requests for support via the ACA Travel Awards.  

We are proud to announce the following recipients of the 2024 ACA Etter Student Lecturer Awards:

Abstract No.: 94
Nominating SIG: Best
Title: Defining Grading Tools for Complex Small Molecules to Enable Assessment of Quality and Appropriate Reuse of Data
Author: Aaron Horner
Appearing In Session: 1.1.2 Provenance, Workflow & Responsibility for X-Rays, Neutrons and Electrons – Part 1

Abstract No.: 156
Nominating SIG: Industrial
Title: Unveiling the Molecular Interplay of VPS34 Inhibition by Novel Drug Targets: A Promising Approach for Tailored Cancer Therapeutics
Author: Wisdom Abiodun
Appearing In Session: 2.1.3 Structural Biology in Pharma Part 1

Abstract No.: 229
Nominating SIG: BioMac
Title: Novel Fragment Inhibitors of PYCR1 from Docking-Guided X-ray Crystallography
Author: Kaylen Meeks
Appearing In Session: 2.1.3 Structural Biology in Pharma/Biotech - Part 1

Abstract No.: 247
Nominating SIG: Small Mol
Title: Discovering nonlinear optical crystals and predicting their THz spectra through data mining and DFT calculations
Author: Sing Hang Ho
Appearing In Session: 2.1.6 Mathematical, Theoretical & Computational Crystallography

Abstract No.: 260
Nominating SIG: MicroED
Title: Access and Experiments with MicroED at Yale University for Biomaterials Characterization
Author: Charles Lomba
Appearing In Session: 2.2.5 Using Microed at Your Institution: How Microed & Cryo-EM Can Coexist

Abstract No.: 221
Nominating SIG: Materials
Title: Single crystal diffuse scattering analysis of short-range order in garnet-type Li-ion conductor Li6.75La3Nb0.25Zr1.75O12
Author: Caleb Ramette
Appearing In Session: 3.1.5 Structural Characterizations of Emerging Energy Materials

Abstract No.: 231
Nominating SIG: Neutron
Title: Compositional effects on the triple conduction behavior of Ba[CoxFe0.8-xZr0.1Y0.1]O3-δ(BCFZY) -Insights from neutron total scattering studies
Author: Kennedy Agyekum
Appearing In Session: 3.1.5 Structural Characterizations of Emerging Energy Materials

Abstract No.: 117
Nominating SIG: YSIG
Title: Automated serial (rotation) electron diffraction for high-throughput structure determination and phase analysis of complex polycrystalline samples
Author: Paul Hager
Appearing In Session: 3.1.6 Developments in Data Collection & Automation in MicroED

Abstract No.: 152
Nominating SIG: CAD
Title: TraG-edy to Triumph: How Challenges in Crystallisation Efforts of TraG Led to Success
Author: Nicholas Bragagnolo
Appearing In Session: 3.2.1 Flexibility, Dynamics & the Secret Lives of Proteins

Abstract No.: 98
Nominating SIG: SAS
Title: SAXS/SANS as a structural tool to study RNA:RNA complexes
Author: Aldrex Munsayac
Appearing In Session: 3.2.2 Structure of Nucleic Acids - Part 2: SAS/Hybrid Approaches

Abstract No.: 128
Nominating SIG: Light Sources
Title: Determining the Enzymatic Mechanism of DJ-1 Using a New Approach to Mix-and-Inject Synchrotron Serial Crystallography
Author: Kara Zielinski
Appearing In Session: 3.2.4 Serial Crystallography

Abstract No.: 292
Nominating SIG: Powder
Title: Investigating phase coexistence and local structure in MoTe2 using synchrotron XRD and pair distribution function
Author: Sumit Khadka
Appearing In Session: 4.1.2 Totally Total Scattering

Abstract No.: 33
Nominating SIG: Service
Title: Oxos, Diamond Cores, and Oxides: A Look at Co-O
Author: Sophie Anferov
Appearing In Session: 4.2.2 Cool Structures

Abstract No.: 295
Nominating SIG: Fiber
Title: Density of the extracellular matrix in pancreatic cancer solid tumors has consequences on high molecular weight drug delivery
Author: Cody Rounds
Appearing In Session: 4.2.5 Recent Advances in Fiber Diffraction

Abstract No.: 321
Nominating SIG: CryoEM
Title: Cryo-EM Structures of Group II Intron Ribonucleoprotein Complexes
Author: Sarah Starcovic
Appearing In Session: 3.1.2 Structure of Nucleic Acids I - CryoEM

*The sessions listed are tentative and subject to the scheduling of session chairs. Definitive sessions will be posted after the final schedule is confirmed.