Elections for Council, Standing Committee and Scientific Interest Group Officers for 2021


The growth and success of our association is the result of member input and the energetic efforts of many ACA member volunteers. Our council, committees and SIGs offer members an invaluable opportunity to participate in, and influence the operation of the ACA.


Thank you to all of the candidates and our members!
Results will be announced soon!  



Available Offices & Candidates:

Candidate(s) for Vice President (2021)
Sandra Gabelli | Diana Tomchick


Candidate(s) for Secretary (2021-2023)
Chris Colbert | Kushol Gupta


Candidate(s) for Communications Committee Member (2021-2024)
Steven Kelley | Crissy Tarver


Candidate(s) for Education Committee Member (2021-2024)
William (Bill) Bauer | Karen Glass


Candidate(s) for Meeting Committee Member (2021-2024)
Anna Gardberg | Tamir Gonen


Available SIG Offices & Candidates:

Best Practices for Data Analysis & Archiving SIG
Candidate(s) for SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Aaron Brewster | Lee Daniels


Biological Macromolecules SIG
Candidate(s) for SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Surajit Banerjee | Sarah Bowman | Sandra Gabelli | George Lountos
Candidate(s) for SIG Secretary/Treasurer 2021-2022
John Horton | Andrew Howard | Charles Stewart

Canadian SIG
Candidate(s) for CAD SIG Secretary/Treasurer 2021-2022
Sara Andres | Nicole Fraser

Candidate(s) for Cryo-EM SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Joey Davis | Elizabeth Kellogg

Fiber SIG
Fiber SIG Chair 2021-2022
Rama S. Madhurapantula
Candidate(s) for Fiber SIG Secretary/Treasurer 2021-2022
Joseph Orgel


General Interest SIG
Candidate(s) for General Interest Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Victoria Drago


Industrial SIG
Candidate(s) for Industrial SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Debanu Das | Edward (Eddie) Pryor


Light Sources SIG
Candidate(s) for Light Sources SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Dale Kreitler


Materials Science SIG

Candidate(s) for  Light Sources SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Rebecca McAuliffe

Neutron SIG
Candidate(s) for  Neutron SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Margit Fábián | Alicia Manjon Sanz


Powder Diffraction SIG

Candidate(s) for Powder Diffraction SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Jared M. Allred | Jue Liu

Service Crystallography SIG
Candidate(s) for Service Crystallography SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Ed Eng


Small Angle Scattering SIG
Candidate(s) for Small Angle Scattering SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Thomas Grant | Chenhui Zhu


Small Molecule SIG
Candidate(s) for Small Molecule SIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Diane Dickie
Candidate(s) for Small Molecule SIG Secretary/Treasurer 2021-2022
Stacey Smith | Charlene Tsay


Candidate(s) for YSIG Chair Elect 2021/SIG Chair 2022
Kenneth Childers
Candidate(s) for YSIG Secretary/Treasurer 2021-2022
Monu Joy | Nathaniel Barker | Kristofer Gonzalez-DeWhitt


The main governing body of the American Crystallographic Association is the Council. The Council, which meets two or three times per year, sets policy and has the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the association. It is composed of a president, vice president, Canadian representative, secretary and treasurer. The membership elects these officers and each serves a three-year term, commencing on January 1. 


Standing Committees 

ACA Standing Committees provide leadership for emerging issues in our changing discipline. The four committees: Education; Meeting Enhancement, Data, Standards and Computing; and Communication, each have 4 members who serve 4 year terms.


Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs)   

SIGs exist to give members the opportunity to focus on specialty areas while remaining connected to the entire scope of crystallographic applications. The SIGs provide a convenient way for individuals to become involved in ACA activities at the grass roots level and to have a direct impact upon the scientific content of the annual meeting by organizing scientific sessions. They provide a forum within the larger organization for networking among individuals having common scientific interests, challenges, and goals.