The ACA Education & Literacy Planning Committees Video Initiative

The American Crystallographic Association (ACA) is in the preliminary stages of creating a online portal of videos that aim to help the ACA community promote and develop crystallographic literacy in the classroom and beyond.

The videos will be hosted by the ACA in two categories: a few public videos accessible by all to promote crystallography broadly; and behind an ACA-login available to current members only. Videos behind the ACA firewall could be used and remixed for classroom usage, but not published publicly.

Videos can be as simple as a few minutes of talking over a slide presentation, or as complex as a molecular animation. ACA would provide a certificate in appreciation and acknowledge creators online at and at the annual meeting.


Videos submitted by students, postdocs, and junior faculty (within 10 years of PhD) will be eligible for a $500 (USD) prize to be awarded for the best video in each of the 20 categories listed below. Videos will be evaluated by the Young Scientists Interest Group.

Some of the topics we are interested in (but not limited to) include:

    • Historical perspective
    • Crystallization/ what can we glean?
    • How to grow a good crystal
    • Visual inspection
    • Size, shape, crystallinity
    • General confirmation of synthetic process
    • Three-Dimensional picture of your molecule in the solid state
    • Connectivity
    • Stereochemistry
    • Packing considerations
    • Bonds, angles, torsions
    • Intermolecular interactions
    • Hydrogen bonding
    • Pi-stacking
    • Void spaces
    • Phase Problem
    • Data Collection, Solution, Refinement
    • Synchrotrons
    • X-ray Free Electron Lasers

Please contact us with any questions; links to MP4 video files should be shared with the Education Committee Chair Allen Oliver ([email protected]) for review. You will then be asked to fill out an ACA release form that will allow ACA to distribute the video for classroom use and reuse but not published anywhere publicly.

Thank you!
ACA Education & Literacy Planning Committees
Allen Oliver, Karen Glass, Carla Sledbonick, Charlotte Stern, Michael Aristov, Christine Zardecki & Cassandra Eagle

This activity is funded in part by a grant from the American Institute of Physics federation Venture Fund.