The ACA is Looking for Mentors!

When someone wants to pursue a goal, for example, a career in structural science, they often have lots of questions. They might want to find someone to give them advice and help them on their way — a mentor.  The ACA is working to support our young scientists and this year are hosting our Second Annual YSIG Speed Mentoring event at the ACA Annual Meeting.  .

The goal of the mentorship program is to provide an opportunity for local professionals in these fields to give back and inspire the next generation. The ACA is calling for any ACA members who are interested to participate this year as mentors.


The session will take place on Friday, July 30th (with the exact time to be determined).  Attendees will need to register ahead of time and the goal of this session is to provide mentorship for young scientists within the ACA and assist graduate students and postdocs who are preparing to start a new career. 

The Role of a Mentor

Because the ACA 2021 meeting will be entirely virtual, this session will be hosted on Zoom. Mentors will be grouped and placed into private breakout rooms while mentees will be assigned to rooms by the YSIG hosts. Mentors in this session should have backgrounds in academia, government, industry, and/or beamline operations.

Sign up!

We know you are very busy and we appreciate your interest in dedicating some of your time to this event and young scientists. If you are interested in becoming a mentor please complete this form by May 7th.  A member of the YSIG will contact you with further information and details.