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Jeffery Bertke, Ph.D.
  1. Hands on guide to instrumentation
    1. Part 1: Start Up, Harvesting, and Cutting Crystals
    2. Part 2: Mounting and Centering a Crystal
    3. Part 3: Unit Cell Determination and Data Collection
    4. Part 4: Dismounting and Removing Crystals


Allen Oliver, Ph.D.

  1. Introduction to Crystallography
  2. Crystallography Overview
    1. General Overview
    2. Methodology
    3. Good Crystals
    4. Crystal Inspection


Sreya Paladugu, Ph.D.

  1. Total Scattering Analysis of Nanoparticles


Carla Slebodnick, Ph.D.

  1. Understanding Structures in Literature 
    1. Intro and Unit Cells
    2. Space Groups
    3. Fractional Coordinates