Elizabeth A. Wood Science Writing Award: 

The award is named in honor of Elizabeth A. Wood, President of the ACA in 1957, and author of science books for lay readers. Persons who have written books or articles that bring science to the attention of a wider audience are eligible. Successful nominees need not be crystallographers or scientists and 'writing' could include artistic efforts, museum displays, etc. Nominations should include the titles of books, copies of articles, or other documentation and should be submitted to the ACA office by April 1. Selection of the winner will be made by ACA Council and presented at the Annual Meeting. A gift of glassware, $1,500 cash and up to $1,500 travel expenses to attend the Annual Meeting to accept the award and complimentary banquet ticket. Awarded every three years. Established in 1997.   

History of ACA Wood Award Winners:
  • [1997] Roald Hoffmann
  • [1998] Robert M. Hazen
  • [1999] Robert Weinberg
  • [2001] K.C. Cole
  • [2002] Ira Flatow
  • [2004] Oliver Sacks
  • [2007] Lisa Randall
  • [2011] Daniel Nocera
  • [2014] Dan Rabinovich
  • [2017] James O’Brien 
  • [2020] Alan Alda & The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
  • [2023] Juan Manuel García-Ruiz