Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved with the ACA, from attending the annual meeting to participating in workshops and taking leadership roles.  
The ACA offers a number of unique opportunities for those in the crystallographic community to do what you love, build your resume and network among new scientists as well as established professionals. 



Posting Date Position Title Description
10/18/2018 ACA/AIP Venture Partnership Fund Committee Member

The ACA is currently looking for a member of the ACA that is interested in working with the AIP and their Venture Partnership Fund Committee.  At this time we are looking for those with physical science expertise. There is an emphasizes that candidates have an interest in physical sciences outreach, as this is a common topic of the VPF grant proposals, and to add diversity in terms of sex, race/ethnicity, geography, and employment setting (including industry physical scientists). 

Anyone interested in being considered should email ACA Headquarters ([email protected]) by October 26, 2018. 

10/18/2018 ACA/AIP Science Policy Committee Member

The State Department is  allowing AIP to place a science policy fellow, after hiatus resulting from the Federal Government hiring freeze.

The ACA is looking for individuals interested in serving on the committee on the ACA's behalf.  The ACA will be submitting a list of potential candidates from our organization to the AIP for consideration. 

Potential candidates will have some policy background.  The commitment entails:  Oct 15 – Dec 10 - Review applications and select six finalists; Week of Jan 14 – Conduct interviews and select fellow.  Appointment is for 3 years; committee participation is fully funded by AIP.

Anyone interested in being considered should email ACA Headquarters ([email protected]) by October 26, 2018. 



    • Register for the ACA 2019 Annual Meeting and receive an early bird discount (before 5/31/19). 
    • Submit an application to attend the ACA Summer School.
    • Submit a session topic idea to your SIG for the ACA Annual Meeting in 2020.



    • Submit an abstract to the annual meeting program (due date March 29th).
    • If you are a student looking for financial assistance towards attending the annual meeting make sure to submit your travel application (due date March 29th). 
    • Submit a fellow nomination (due date April 1st) 
    • Research the list of available awards and submit a nomination (due date April 1st) 
    • Last day to register at the early bird rate (May 31st).



    • Make sure to make hotel reservations for the ACA Annual Meeting (the room block officially closes on June 28th). 
    • Attend the ACA Annual Meeting!
    • Attend the 2020 Planning Meeting. 
    • Consider running for office of a SIG. Attend your SIG’s gathering at the annual meeting to get involved and network!
    • Submit a Workshop Proposal for the 2020 ACA Annual Meeting (due date September 1st).



    • Cast your vote in the annual ACA Election.
    • Renew your membership!