A number of committees develop many of the ACA policies and programs. Under the direction of Council, and with the assistance of the ACA Headquarters, they work to achieve the societies goals and objectives.


Nominating Committee

This Committee exists to solicit and secure formal acceptance of nominations for positions on the Communications Committee, Education Committee, Data, Standards & Computing Committee and the ACA Council.  Positions on the Council for which the Nominating Committee secures candidates include the Vice President (annually), Secretary (every three years) and Treasurer (every three years).   The Nominating Committee is comprised of the immediate Past President, a new member appointed by the current President and one former member of the Committee.

2019 Members:

Tom Terwilliger | Los Alamos Inst & BioScience Division | Los Alamos National Lab

Amy SarjeantCambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

[Chair] Patrick Loll | Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Drexel University


Communications Committee

The duties of the Communications Standing Committee are to carryout public communications on behalf of the ACA and the structural science community and to review requests made to the ACA for outreach funding.  Communications Committee members are encouraged to manage social media posts (Facebook, Twitter) in conjunction with the Director of Administrative Services and the Chair of the YSIG.  The Communications Committee shall also be in charge of reviewing requests made to the ACA for funds to support outreach activities on a regular basis and to make recommendations to council.  The committee shall meet at least once per year, and the chair of the committee is responsible for presenting a written report to Council during the Annual Meeting.

2019 Members: 

Jim Fettinger [2016-2019] University of California, Davis

Brian Patrick [2017-2020] University of British Columbia

Krystle McLaughlin [2018-2021] Vassar College

Louise Dawe [2019-2022] Wilfrid Laurier University


Education Committee

The duties of the Education Committee are to review proposals for workshops held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and make recommendations to ACA Council on which workshops to include in the program, to review proposals for the ACA Small Molecule Crystallography school and make recommendations to ACA Council, and to review the applications for Student Travel Awards for the Annual Meeting and make recommendations to ACA Council.  The committee shall meet at least once per year, and the chair of the committee is responsible for presenting a written report to Council during the Annual Meeting.2019 Members: 

Danielle Gray [2016-2019] University of Illinois 

Charlotte Stern [2017-2020] Northwestern University

Pete Wood [2018-2021] CCDC

Allen Oliver [2019-2022]  University of Notre Dame


Data, Standards & Computing

The duties of the Data, Standards & Computing may be divided into short term and mid-term goals:

Short term goals (< 2 years)

      1. Continue to advise Council regarding (a) issues relative to crystallographic software and databases; (b) standards for the publication and deposition of crystallographic information; (c) ensure adequate documentation for crystallographic software, particularly proprietary software and (d) ensure adequate accessibility to source code.
      2. Provide support to the Data Analysis and Archival (DAAA) SIG to ensure its success: (a) participate in the inaugural SIG meeting at the 2018 Annual Meeting; (b) assist with the inaugural workshop at the 2019 Annual Meeting and (c) provide a conduit to Council for the DAAA SIG.  

Mid-term (2-3 years)

      1. Review the activities of both the Committee and the DAAA SIG.
      2. Determine if the Committee and SIG both need to exist and (a) If it is determined that both are needed the Committee should provide a conduit to Council for the actions that further the remit of the SIG and continue with the duties outlined in 1a, 1b and 1c and (b) if the Committee determines the SIG is actually the best means of advancing the needs of the community with respect to the Committee’s remit, the Committee should disband.

2019 Members: 

Nadia Zatsepin [2016-2019] Arizona State University 

Nicholas Sauter [2017-2020] Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Paul Sanschagrin [2018-2021] CCDC

Eric Reinheimer [2019-2022] Rigaku Americas Corp.


Meeting Reorganization / Enhancement Committee

The duties of the Meeting Committee will be as follows:

      1. Act as program chairs for the Annual Meeting: (a) collect session proposals from SIG chairs, including a priority ranking for inclusion in the program; (b) arrange the program for the Annual Meeting, including session dates/times; special lectures, evening events, opening/closing ceremonies, and any other activities attached to the Annual Meeting and (c) any other duties outlined in the Guidelines for Program Chairs document.
      2. Contribute to meeting site selection by: (a) suggesting potential sites for consideration; (b) reviewing proposals negotiated by the Director of Administrative Services and CFO; (c) making recommendations to ACA Council.
      3. Proposing themes for upcoming meetings.  
      4. Investigating additional methods for improving the Annual Meeting

2019 Members: 

Stephan Ginell  [2018-2019]                              

Vivien Yee [2018-2019]    

Nozomi Ando [2019-2020]

Carla Slebodnick [2019-2020]