Society Governance

Constitution & Bylaws

The bylaws of the ACA are in the form of a Constitution established on November 1, 1970, with amendments and changes approved November 1992, July 1995, December 1999, December 2003.



Council Member Information

The main governing body of the American Crystallographic Association is the Council. The Council, which meets two to three times per year, sets policy and has the ultimate responsibility for the actions of the association. It is composed of a president, vice president, Canadian representative, secretary and treasurer. The membership elects these officers and each serves a three-year term, commencing on January 1st.

Ex-officio members appointed by the Council are the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. A representative of the Young Scientist Scientific Interest Group is also an ex-officio member. The YSIG makes this appointment on an annual basis. A representative from the International Union of Crystallography may attend Council Meetings but has no voting privileges.


2020 ACA Council Members
Council Member Descriptions & Job Duties


All Member Business Meeting 

A business meeting, wherein the entire membership of the ACA is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate, is held at least once a year in connection with the scientific meeting of the Association. 

All Member Business Meeting 2020



SIG/Standing Committees & Council Meeting Minutes

Each SIG and Standing Committees meet with the ACA Council once per year at the annual meeting.  The reports submitted by each SIG/Committee can be found in the member portal on each SIG/Committee's homepage.  The minutes of the meetings, prior to 2014, can be found below.  After 2014 the minutes of the SIG and Committee meetings with council became part of the ACA's council minutes and will be made available upon request. 


Council Meeting Minutes

The ACA secretary issues minutes after each council meeting.  Copies of any council meeting minutes can be requested by any member of the ACA by contacting ACA Headquarters