ACA 72nd Annual Meeting Program

The ACA annual meeting is made up of numerous scientific sessions.  This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

TR1 The Role of Structural Science in Tackling a Pandemic: COVID-19 as a Paradigm
Chair(s): Diana Tomchick
1.1.1 Emergent phenomena through high pressure, low temperature, high field, and other extreme conditions
Chair(s): Yue Meng & Bianca Haberl
1.1.2 Use of AI predicted Models in Structural Biology/Crystallography
Chair(s): Aaron Brewster & John Moult 
1.1.3 New developments in cryoEM and cryoET: towards atomic resolution
Chair(s): Mark Herzig & Oliver Clarke
1.1.4 MicroED of small and macromolecules 
TR2 The Role of Structural Science in Tackling a Pandemic: COVID-19 as a Paradigm
Chair(s): Diana Tomchick 
1.2.1 Structural insights into the origin and applications of novel properties in quantum materials
Chair(s): Keith Taddei
1.2.2 Better Understanding Semicrystalline Polymers using complimentary structure methods
Chair(s): Tom Fitzgibbons 
1.2.3 Beamline Automation and Autonomous Experiments (II)
Chair(s): Masaki Yamamoto & Jean Jakoncic
1.2.4 Machine learning in cryo-EM
Chair(s): Joey Davis & Alexis Rohou
1.3.1 John Spence Memorial Session
Chair(s): Rick Kirian 


Sunday, July 31, 2022

2.1.1 New developments for operando and in situ diffraction


2.1.2 Advances in Fiber Diffraction


2.1.3 Remote Access
Chair(s): Ana Gonzalez & Uta Ruett


2.1.4 Macromolecular Structure Under Physiological Conditions
Chair(s): Leighton Coates & Aina Cohen


2.1.5 What I Learned from My First Structures


2.2.1 Random Walks in ML: General applications of Machine Learning for Structural Science


2.2.2 Computer-Aided Materials Design & Development
Chair(s): Susan Reutzel-Edens & Angeles Pulido


2.2.3 Structural science of infectious disease
Chair(s): Mimi Ho & George Lountos & Daniel Kneller


2.2.4 The future of past data for single xtal, Cryo-EM, Powder, and Micro-ED
Chair(s): Lee Daniels & John Rose


2.2.5 General Interest 1 
Chair(s): Victoria Drago 


2.3.1 Would You Publish This


2.3.2 The future of past data for single xtal, Cryo-EM, Powder, and Micro-ED


2.3.3 Traversing the APS dark period
Chair(s): John Westbrook & Bob Fischetti


Monday, August 1, 2022

3.1.1 Frontiers of local structure analysis: Total scattering, single-crystal diffuse scattering, and more
Chair(s): Huiwen Ji & Matthew Krogstad 


3.1.2 Home-Built Software and Hardware


3.1.3 Protein-Nucleic Acid Complexes


3.1.4 Open exchanges in crystallographic education


3.1.5 Scanning Imaging and Tomography Based on Scattering Contrast
Chair(s): Lin Yang & Masa Fukuto


3.2.1 Educating the new generation of users
Chair(s): Clyde Smith & Eddie Snell


3.2.2 Fragment Based Drug Discovery


3.3.3 Time-resolved Structural Dynamics


3.3.4 Opening the Black Box


3.3.5 Hot Structures
Chair(s): Melody CampbellSamantha Powell


Tuesday, August 2, 2022

4.1.1 Materials for our future: Structural insights into energy materials and sustainable materials
Chair(s): Joya Cooley & Michelle Dolgos


4.1.2 Hardware and Software standardization in Structural Biology


4.1.3 Frontiers in SAS
Chair(s): Jesse Hopkins & Max Watkins


4.1.4 Remembering Carroll K. Johnson: Structure Visualization from ORTEP and Beyond

Chair(s): Nichole R. Valdez & David Goodsell


4.1.5 Cool Structures in microED


4.2.1 Advances in xfel and synchrotron serial crystallography


4.2.2 Phase separation and aggregation of bimolecular systems and intrinsically disordered proteins
Chair(s): Richard Gillilan & Yun Liu


4.2.3 Cool Structures


4.2.4 General Interest 2 (bio)


4.2.5 Structures of very large assemblies
Chair(s): Andre Hoelz & Lisa Eshun-Wilson