Advertising Opportunities

In addition to our traditional print advertisements in our quarterly newsletter, RefleXions, the ACA is excited to offer digital advertising opportunities in 2020.   

The ACA has a membership of over 1,000 scientists, professionals, teachers and students.  We have an audience of over 1,500 page likes on Facebook and close to 1,000 followers on Twitter all with a major focus/interest in crystallography.  

Advertising contracts/payments are now being processed through our website.  Most levels of corporate membership include a free print ad and information concerning obtaining your company's courtesy ad will be sent to you through email after joining the ACA.  

Please make sure to view the technical details and our (1) General Advertising Policy and (2) Advertising Billing policy.  If you have any questions or want to discuss advertising, please do not hesitate to contact Kristin Stevens.  

 2019 Online Advertisements Form
2020 Online Advertisements Form

Online Advertisements

Advertisements in the rotating section of "Our Sponsors" is always welcome and multiple ads can be accommodated on a monthly basis.  

The position of member landing leaderboard is only available to one sponsor per month and there is currently the following availability:

January Available
February Available
March Available
April Available
May Available
June Available
July Available
August Available
September Available
October Available
November Available
December Available


Print Advertisements in RefleXions or Structural Dynamics 

There are both online and print opportunities for advertisement.  Both publications are offered online doubling your advertising exposure to our membership.   

Issue Reservation Deadline Artwork Deadline
Spring February 1st February 15th
Summer April 1st May 1st
Fall August 1st September 1st
Winter November 1st December 1st


RefleXions is a quarterly journal published by the ACA and is shared with over 1,000+ members.  Advertising in RefleXions guarantees that your ad is seen in the (1) online on the updated RefleXions home page accessed by members, (2) in the PDF format of RefleXions and (3) in the print version sent out to select members and corporate contacts.  

Structural Dynamics is an open access journal published through AIP Publishing.  For advertising with Structural Dynamics contact AIP Publishing.  

Reserve RefleXions Advertising 2020

Mailing List Rental

Rental of the mailing list in electronic or label form is for one-time use only. A sample of the literature to be mailed must be submitted for review prior to sale of the mailing list.  Please forward a copy of the proposed mailing to Kristin Stevens.  

If the material is not yet finalized, please provide a draft version. Zip code reports are not provided. Labels are typically shipped via UPS Ground. For overnight express delivery, please provide your Federal Express account number on the order form. Invoices are sent with the shipment or electronic file. 

ACA reserves the right to deny requests which are intended for mailings in conflict with its programs, principles or other interests.

Rental Fees

Not-For-Profit: $100 per 1,000 records + $25 shipping & handling
Commercial : $200 per 1,000 records + $25 shipping & handling
Electronic List
Not-For-Profit: $300 per 1,000 records + $15 processing fee
Commercial: $600 per 1,000 records + $15 processing fee


Complete the online form to place a mailing list order.